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OpenAI Introduces Custom Instructions for ChatGPT

OpenAI ChatGPT Custom Instructions
By Nicolo Finazzi
Nicolo Finazzi

2 Min

July 24, 2023
  • OpenAI launches custom instructions for ChatGPT, allowing personalized prompts.
  • Users can specify context, preferences, and family size for tailored responses.
  • Safety measures ensure inappropriate content is filtered out, providing a safe user experience.

OpenAI has unveiled a new feature for ChatGPT users, custom instructions, which streamlines interactions with the popular AI chatbot. With this update, users can provide specific prompts, avoiding the need to reiterate instructions during each interaction. This enables users to share any context they want ChatGPT to consider while generating responses.

For instance, a teacher can mention they are teaching fourth-grade math, or a developer can specify the preferred programming language when seeking suggestions. Additionally, users can specify their family size, allowing ChatGPT to offer tailored responses related to meals, grocery shopping, and vacation planning.

Although users could previously provide this information during chat sessions, custom instructions prove valuable for recurring contexts. The feature is also compatible with plug-ins, for instance simplifying restaurant or flight suggestions based on user location.

While the custom instructions feature is available to Plus plan users, it is currently in beta and not accessible to individuals in the EU and the U.K. Enabled users can opt to try out this feature by enabling it through their settings.

OpenAI assured users that information from custom instructions will be utilized to train its API models to adapt responses accordingly. However, users have control over their data and can choose to opt-out from sharing information for model improvement.

Safety measures are also in place to ensure appropriate responses. OpenAI uses its moderation API to scan customized instructions, identifying and rejecting unsafe content that goes against company policies. This ensures a safe and positive user experience with ChatGPT.

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