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Introducing Lab51's latest magazine series: You.Me.Web3.: Top 10 Web3 Shapers. Join us as we delve into the fascinating realm of Web3 and unveil the visionary ideas of the trailblazers shaping the future of the internet. In each edition, we bring you insights and perspectives from prominent figures in this new wave of digital innovation. Explore the evolution of Web3 with Lab51 and stay informed about the exciting developments in this transformative landscape.

A Deep Dive into the Phygital Shift

Very gradually, our world is inexorably shifting towards Web3, a realm where the physical and digital realms intermingle, giving birth to a novel and distinctive phenomenon that we've called 'phygital.'

It's perfectly ordinary that many of us have yet to grasp the comprehending of this concept. Our understanding remains in the realm of abstract notions, simply because it's an entirely new paradigm. Is it physical, yet not quite? Simultaneously, is it not entirely digital either?

In this publication, in collaboration with Jamie Bykov-Brett (Social Entrepreneur, Digital Innovation Specialist, AI & Digital Identity Thematic Lead, Workshop Facilitator & Futurist Educator) we will uncover the meaning of 'phygital,' examine its current presence in the world, analyze its impact on the market, and explore strategies for adapting to the future.

You.Me.Web3 Magazine #3 Feat. Jamie Bykov-Brett

Web3 Inclusivity & innovation

Despite the waning hype in mass media surrounding Web3 and the Metaverse, we're witnessing tangible applications taking root in the real world.

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies, once confined to the realm of tech enthusiasts' imaginations, are now actively reshaping industries and unlocking novel possibilities.

Our distinguished guest, PR & Communications Manager at Xprizo™, Program Director at TMRW Conference Anita Kalergis, affectionately known as Kryptogranny, enriches this conversation with a distinctive perspective. Armed with a background in marketing and sales, Anita embarked on an extraordinary journey within this domain. Her insights illuminate the educational and therapeutic potentials inherent in these technologies, paving the way for a future marked by transformative possibilities.

You.Me.Web3 Magazine #2 Feat. Anita Kalergis.

Virtual Reality & Brain Health 

Web3 is reaching different areas, and healthcare is no exception. Combining Web3 with healthcare sounds futuristic and full of promise: This mix offers a patient-focused approach, giving people more control and access to new and improved treatments. Indeed, it's an exciting time in healthcare, with endless possibilities.

Nevertheless, there are also important questions about ethics, laws, and morals that we need to figure out.

In our first edition of "You. Me. Web3." Magazine, we talk to Amir Bozorgzadeh, the Co-founder & CEO of Virtuleap. He explains how Web3 and healthcare intersect and how these new technologies are already helping patients today.

Stay healthy and immerse in this edition!

You.Me.WEb3. Magazine #1 Feat. Amir Bozorgzadeh