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Master Video Creation: Vimeo's AI-Powered Toolkit

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By Eleni Murru
Eleni Murru

3 Min

June 23, 2023

According to a survey by Wyzowl, 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool. But creating engaging videos for online platforms is not an easy task. It requires skills, resources, and time that many people don’t have. How can they overcome this challenge and make video creation easier and faster? The answer is artificial intelligence. Last week, Vimeo, a popular video sharing and hosting platform, announced the integration of a suite of AI technologies to improve the video creation process for its users.

The platform seeks to help users, including entry-level video creators, produce scripts, record videos using an integrated teleprompter, and remove filler words and awkward pauses from their recordings. But that’s not all.

Vimeo also offers cinematic experiences that can handle 4K, 8K HDR, and Dolby Vision formats. Users can customize video players, manage security permissions, and browse content, while smart automation features make it easy to create chapters, implement brand customization, and seamlessly optimize for SEO.

Vimeo’s research shows that 80% of people prefer videos over written text, but most people don’t feel comfortable creating videos and don’t have the skills, time, or resources to create and edit videos effectively. Ashraf Alkarmi, Vimeo’s CEO, stated:

"AI in video opens up a new frontier of accessibility. Any individual or business now has the ability to produce engaging, professional content with no prior production experience, and within mere minutes. This is just the beginning of our new and integrated AI video strategy, but we believe this launch will be a game-changer for how companies should be communicating and connecting with distributed teams and customers."

Alkarmi also said, "We’re clearly only scratching the surface of what AI can accomplish for organizations and the people within them. We envision a future in which AI knowledge is a prerequisite, not a luxury, to video production. Leaders need to adapt now and empower their teams to create more efficiently, or risk getting left behind."

AI technology is not new to Vimeo, which acquired Magisto, an AI video editing company, in 2019. The platform used Magisto’s infrastructure to create its Create tool, which lets users make video content from personal archives and stock photo and video sources. Vimeo continues to prioritize the integration of artificial intelligence in its future plans as it faces increasing competition from other players in the market. Many startups, such as Capsule, Descript, and Dumme, are offering AI-powered video editing tools. But the established computer software company Adobe has also introduced AI-powered services called Firefly.

Vimeo's suite of artificial intelligence tools will be available to users starting July 17 as part of the Standard and Pro plans, with pricing starting at $20 per month.