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Photoshop's AI Expansion with Firefly Features

Firefly features
By Anja Prosch
Anja Prosch

2 Min

June 1, 2023

Photoshop is on the verge of a generative AI expansion as Adobe introduces a series of Firefly-based features into the application. These new additions allow users to extend images beyond their boundaries using Firefly-generated backgrounds, incorporate objects through generative AI, and utilize a new generative fill function that offers higher accuracy than the previous content-aware fill. These features will initially be available exclusively in the beta version of Photoshop, while some will also be accessible to Firefly beta users on the web. So far, Firefly users have created over 100 million images.

What's new?

This integration enables Photoshop users to employ natural language text prompts to describe the type of image or object that Firefly should create. As is typical with all generative AI tools, the results can sometimes be unpredictable. By default, Adobe provides three variations for each input prompt. However, unlike in the Firefly web application, there is currently no way to iterate through these variations to display similar variations of a selected result.

When executing this process, Photoshop sends parts of a specific image to Firefly, not the entire image. Adobe is also exploring options to involve the entire image. The result is then integrated into a new layer.

Firefly's competence, especially with landscapes, is attributed to its training in commercially safe images and photos from Adobe Stock. However, like most generative image generators, the AI tool struggles with text. Ensuring safe results has been another priority for Adobe, achieved through the combination of specialized prompt engineering techniques and a filter for certain terms considered unsafe. According to Maria Yap, Vice President of Digital Imaging at Adobe, Adobe is also considering implementing an additional security measure in case the behavior of the AI becomes unpredictable.

The introduction of generative AI features in Photoshop highlights the growing value and potential of AI in the design industry. By combining Adobe's tools with AI features like Firefly, designers and developers can significantly enhance their workflows and productivity. Platforms like have started offering powerful no-code tools that allow users to effortlessly create backend, web, and mobile applications. By integrating AI-driven technologies into design software, developers have more opportunities to create groundbreaking, innovative applications and designs.