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How to Participate in a DAO: A User-Friendly Guide

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO)
By Nicolo Finazzi
Nicolo Finazzi

4 Min

November 8, 2023

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) are a groundbreaking concept in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. This article provides a user-friendly guide on how to participate in a DAO, covering the basics, benefits, and steps to get involved.

Understanding DAOs

What Is a DAO? A DAO is Decentralized Autonomous Organizations. Specifically, it is an organization run by code, without a centralized authority. It's governed by token holders who make collective decisions on proposals. For example, these proposals can include changes to the protocol, funding decisions, or project directions.

DAOs are taking over the tech world thanks to the many benefits they offer due to their foundation being based on blockchain technology:

  • Decentralization: They eliminate the need for intermediaries, promoting a trustless environment.
  • Transparency: All transactions and decisions are recorded on a public blockchain, ensuring transparency.
  • Democratic Governance: Anyone holding tokens can participate in decision-making, fostering inclusivity.

Participating in a DAO

These are the main steps you need to take in order to be a DAO Member:

  1. Choose a DAO: Research and select a DAO that aligns with your interests or goals. Examples include MakerDAO, Aave, and Compound. Each DAO may have its specific focus and governance structure.
  2. Acquire Tokens: To participate in a DAO's governance, you typically need to own a certain number of its native tokens. Thus, you can acquire these tokens through exchanges or other methods, ensuring you have the necessary amount to influence decisions.
  3. Wallet Setup: Use a secure cryptocurrency wallet like MetaMask to hold your DAO tokens. Also, ensure your wallet is connected to the Ethereum network for Ethereum-based DAOs.
  4. Join a DAO Community: Most DAOs have active communities on platforms like Discord or Telegram. Join these communities to stay informed about governance proposals, discussions, and updates.

Participating in Governance

Decentralized governance is one of the most important features in the space. Here is what it means:

  • Voting on Proposals: DAOs regularly propose changes, updates, or funding requests. As a token holder, you can vote on these proposals. Your voting power is often proportional to the number of tokens you hold.
  • Staking and Delegation: Some DAOs allow you to stake or delegate your tokens to other members or experts who can vote on your behalf. This is especially useful if you're not actively following every proposal.
  • Participate in Discussions: Engage in discussions within the DAO community. Express your views, concerns, or support for specific proposals. Of course, your input can influence others' decisions.

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Tips for Effective Participation

  • Stay Informed: Keep up with the latest DAO news, proposals, and discussions. You always need to be informed in order to make informed governance decisions.
  • Diversify Your Holdings: Consider holding tokens in multiple DAOs. This will help you diversify your influence and reduce risk.
  • Evaluate Proposals Carefully: Analyze proposals thoroughly, considering the potential impact on the DAO and its community.

Challenges and Risks

When dealing with this topic, remember to keep an eye out for possibile challenges:

  • Smart Contract Vulnerabilities: Smart contracts governing DAOs may have vulnerabilities. Thus, audits are frequent to keep the code secure.
  • Regulatory Compliance: The regulatory landscape for DAOs varies by jurisdiction. Moreover, some countries may impose legal constraints or taxes on DAO participation.
  • Holding Responsibilities: As a DAO participant, you may be responsible for safeguarding your tokens and maintaining a secure wallet.

Notable DAO Examples

MakerDAO: MakerDAO is one of the pioneering DAOs in the DeFi space. It governs the Maker (MKR) and Dai (DAI) stablecoin ecosystem. Token holders in MakerDAO vote on stability fees, collateral types, and other important decisions to maintain the stability of the DAI stablecoin.

LinksDAO: LinksDAO is an emerging DAO that focuses on Web3 integration and support for various blockchain projects in the sport industry, and specifically focused on Golf. This way, LinksDAO is building the world's greatest golf community.


Participating in a DAO is an exciting and empowering way to engage with blockchain and cryptocurrency projects. At Lab51, we believe it provides a democratic platform for influencing decisions, fostering transparency, and eliminating intermediaries. By following the steps mentioned in this guide and staying informed, you can actively contribute to the growth and development of the decentralized ecosystem.

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