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Veyond Metaverse Performs Historic Surgery with XR Technology

Veyond Metaverse Surgery XR Technology
By Nicolo Finazzi
Nicolo Finazzi

2 Min

November 9, 2023
  • Veyond Metaverse achieves a real-time digital surgery.
  • Veyond Metaverse and Premier Link collaborate to establish digital clinics in Myanmar.
  • Veyond Connect™ is receiving international acclaim for democratizing healthcare delivery.

In a monumental achievement, Veyond Metaverse, a pioneering startup harnessing XR technology for healthcare, has successfully conducted real-time digital surgery. The procedure took place on September 13. It connected a proctor surgeon in Paris, France, with a patient and surgeon in Yangon, Myanmar, 8,800 kilometers apart. This historic accomplishment was made possible through Veyond Metaverse's Veyond Connect™ platform.

The implications of this achievement in the fields of surgery and medicine are immense. The Lancet Commission on Global Surgery reported that nearly five billion individuals worldwide lack access to essential surgical care. In this sense, this digital surgery signifies a significant step towards democratizing global healthcare delivery by leveraging state-of-the-art technology.

The success of this groundbreaking procedure is only the beginning of Veyond Metaverse's transformative journey. Premier Link, a prominent player in Myanmar's healthcare sector, has joined forces with Veyond Metaverse to revolutionize healthcare delivery in remote areas. The collaboration aims to establish digital clinics across Myanmar, ensuring that expert healthcare reaches even the most remote regions, elevating the country's healthcare standards and accessibility.

Veyond Metaverse's founders, Adam Choe, Joon Chung, and Prof. Dr. Flam, emphasize the global impact of Veyond Connect™. This technology empowers expert surgeons to lead and instruct their colleagues in performing complex surgeries, regardless of geographical distance.

Moreover, Veyond Metaverse's innovations have received international recognition, including a nomination for the "VR Healthcare Solution of the Year" at the 7th International VR Awards and Digital Health Awards 2023.

In the words of Adam Choe, "Our primary goal is to democratize access and transform the way healthcare is delivered worldwide."

Lab51 on Veyond Metaverse Operation

Lab51 finds Veyond Metaverse's real-time digital surgery accomplishment highly commendable, seeing it as a significant leap in global healthcare accessibility. This innovation holds the promise of breaking down geographical barriers. It will also allow medical procedures to reach even the most remote areas. Moreover, Lab51 acknowledges the importance of partnerships like the one between Veyond Metaverse and Premier Link. They have the potential to enhance healthcare quality and access across the world, setting an inspiring example of progress in the healthcare industry.

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