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e& Universe: First UAE Metaverse in the Region

UAE Enters the Metaverse
By Luigi Savarese
Luigi Savarese

2 Min

July 27, 2023
  • e& tech company launch the first metaverse in the Middle East.
  • Powered by HTC's VIVERSE technology, which provides users with a high-quality immersive experience.
  • The e& universe features a variety of different zones and allows several phygital perks.

e&, a technology and investment group in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), launched the first UAE Metaverse in the region. The e& universe is a virtual world that allows users to interact, socialize, and explore various experiences, including virtual homes, sports, concerts, and more.

The e& universe is powered by HTC's VIVERSE technology, which provides users with a high-quality immersive experience. The platform features a variety of different zones, each with its own unique theme. For example, the "Home" zone allows users to create and customize their virtual homes, while the "Arena" zone hosts various sporting events.

In addition to these virtual experiences, the e& universe offers several phygital world benefits. For example, users can pre-order the new Samsung Galaxy series in the Metaverse and attend virtual events and conferences.

The launch of the e& universe is a significant development for the Metaverse in the Middle East. The platform is well-positioned to attract users from the region, and it could help to drive the adoption of the Metaverse in the Middle East.

Comparison with China's Metaverse Activity

The launch of the e& universe is also significant in light of China's growing interest in the Metaverse. China is the leading country in the world regarding Metaverse development. It is home to several major Metaverse platforms - Alipay's Xianyu Metaverse and Tencent's QQ Metaverse.

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Launching the e& universe will accelerate the Metaverse's development in the Middle East. Moreover, it could support worldwide adoption through its continuous normalization among all social classes. The platform could provide a model to follow for other countries in the region and abroad and attract investment and talent to the Metaverse sector.