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NFT Fest Lugano

NFT Fest Lugano: A Glimpse into the Future of Blockchain and NFTs

On September 7th, NFT Fest Lugano took place, a five-day event all about Blockchain, NFTs, Web3, Crypto, and the Metaverse. The event featured many international experts, thought-provoking discussions, gaming rooms, and interesting new projects. I had the privilege of being present, which enabled me to convey the event's insights in this article. When I arrived, the outside […]

By Nicolo Finazzi
Bitcoin ETFs SEC

Bitcoin ETFs: Everything You Need to Know

In recent years, the financial landscape has witnessed a fascinating convergence between the world of blockchain technology and the traditional financial sector. A significant manifestation of this intersection is the growing interest surrounding the filing of Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) by several prominent financial firms such as Blackrock and Fidelity. This paper wants to delve into the core […]

By Nicolo Finazzi
Bitcoin First Republic Bank Crisis

Banking Evolution in the Age of Bitcoin: Adapting or Fading Away?

During the first days of May 2023, we witnessed two major financial events regarding Bitcoin and the financial system. Let’s discuss these in the context of the larger financial system. Is there a connection between the two? The traditional banking system is actually failing? Is crypto going to replace it? Things are moving fast in […]

By Nicolo Finazzi
making money

The Art of Making Money: Memecoin Economy Examination

In the expansive and diverse Web3 universe, a new phenomenon has caught the public eye. Rhett Mankind is a digital artist based in Melbourne. He struck a rich vein with his daring blend of art and finance - TurboToad, a memecoin. This venture provides a captivating example that allows us to scrutinize the flourishing memecoin […]

By Luigi Savarese
web 3

From Web2 To Web3: Try Out These New Alternatives

Web2 is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Believe it or not, we are gradually moving from the Internet of the previous generation to the new wave of the Web. The Internet that we have always known has not been a solid constant; rather, it has been gradually evolving and changing. Web1 was primarily […]

By Anja Prosch
Athena Demos

Embracing Web3 Communities

INTERVIEW WITH ATHENA DEMOS  What is your view on the future of communities in the metaverse, and how do you think they will exist in Web3? I don’t think there is a metaverse without communities. It is a requirement. Everything we build, we’re building for people to come and interact with it. That’s why I’m […]

By Anja Prosch
Hogwarts Legacy

Discover the Magic of Hogwarts: An Inside Look at Hogwarts Legacy

After much anticipation, the long-awaited game of 2023, Hogwarts Legacy, has finally been released! This role-playing game, set in the magical realm of Harry Potter, offers players an open-world experience in which they can become pupils at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Along the way, Hogwarts students will fight dark forces, complete quests, customize […]

By Dolma Memmishofer

Metaverse Ecosystem Explained

In 2021 we witnessed how the metaverse began appearing in the headlines of Forbes, The Washington Post, The Economist, and other major publishers. At the same time, tech giants worldwide began proclaiming metaverse as part of their new strategy. Indeed, we are on the threshold of Web 3.0, where the metaverse is an inseparable part […]

By Anja Prosch

Types of Virtual Reality & 7 Effective VR Marketing Strategies

You might be surprised to learn that modern VR is based on ideas from the 1800s when practical photography was invented. The first stereoscope emerged in 1838, using two mirrors to project one image. Since then, technological revolutions have shaped and structured the VR world. A series of technological advances led to the creation of virtual […]

By Anja Prosch
Mobile AI

Artificial Intelligence, Mobile Advertising, and Boosted ROI

Sci-fi movies showcasing self-programming computers were closer to a dream than reality just a decade ago. Today, we are fighting a war against online data privacy while talking to Siri and being astonished at how an app or site is displaying advertisements of (related) products we just searched for. Artificial intelligence (AI) has already been […]

By Anja Prosch