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EU Data Act: Implications for Businesses in the Blockchain Space

The recent approval of the EU Data Act by the European Parliament sent ripples through the blockchain community. In particular with its inclusion of a clause mandating a "kill switch" for smart contracts. This contentious legislation requires further approval from the European Council to become law. Moreover, it sparked intense debates about the potential implications […]

By Luigi Savarese
Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO)

How to Participate in a DAO: A User-Friendly Guide

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) are a groundbreaking concept in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. This article provides a user-friendly guide on how to participate in a DAO, covering the basics, benefits, and steps to get involved. Understanding DAOs What Is a DAO? A DAO is Decentralized Autonomous Organizations. Specifically, it is an organization run […]

By Nicolo Finazzi
"Crypto King" Sam Bankman-Fried Guilty FTX Trial

"Crypto King" Sam Bankman-Fried Found Guilty of All Charges in FTX Trial

In a landmark legal decision, Sam Bankman-Fried, the former CEO of the cryptocurrency exchange FTX, has been found guilty of orchestrating a massive financial fraud. The verdict was delivered after a month-long trial in New York. This will have far-reaching implications for the cryptocurrency industry. Once lauded as the "King of Crypto," Bankman-Fried's fall from […]

By Nicolo Finazzi
Worldwide Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

DeFi (Decentralized Finance) 101: A Complete Overview

In the ever-evolving landscape of finance, a remarkable transformation is underway: the rise of Decentralized Finance, or DeFi. This article provides a comprehensive overview of DeFi, delving into its core concepts, potential, and how it's reshaping the financial world. Decentralized Finance Unveiled The first fundamental question: What Is DeFi? DeFi, short for Decentralized Finance, is […]

By Nicolo Finazzi
UK Crypto Regulations 2024

UK Announces Crypto Regulations by 2024: What's Changing?

The UK government has unveiled its plans to introduce comprehensive crypto regulations by 2024. This has been outlined in a recent consultation paper. The proposal builds on responses from various stakeholders. These entities include crypto companies, industry groups, academia, and the public. The regulation will set the stage for strict rules governing different aspects of […]

By Nicolo Finazzi
Smart Contracts Business Blockchain

Smart Contracts: Automating Transactions with Blockchain

The world of business is undergoing a critical transformation, thanks to the advent of blockchain technology and its innovative applications. In this article, we'll explore smart contracts in detail, understanding how they automate transactions and revolutionize the way businesses operate. Demystifying Smart Contracts First of all, what are smart contracts? They are self-executing contracts with […]

By Nicolo Finazzi
Bitcoin $35,000 Crypto ETFs

Bitcoin Hits $35,000: ETF Optimism Fuels 105% YTD Surge

Bitcoin has reached new heights, with its value exceeding $35,000 for the first time since May 2022. This surge can be attributed to growing expectations surrounding the approval of US spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs). The cryptocurrency's value rose by an impressive 11.5%, touching the $35,000 mark before slightly retracing. This remarkable performance has driven […]

By Nicolo Finazzi
Trade Crypto Bitcoin Ethereum

How to Trade Crypto Safely: Best Practices for Beginners

Venturing into the world of cryptocurrency and actually start to trade crypto can be exciting, yet it's crucial to prioritize safety. This article aims to guide beginners through best practices, ensuring a secure and informed entry into the dynamic realm of crypto trading. Understanding the Crypto Landscape First of all, research and Education are two […]

By Nicolo Finazzi
Ferrari Crypto Bitcoin Ethereum

Ferrari Drives into Crypto: Accepts Bitcoin and Ether for Luxury Cars

Ferrari, luxury sports car manufacturer, has made a huge step into digital finance by starting to accept crypto as a means of payment for its vehicles. The process will began in the United States and will soon extend to Europe, driven by requests from their customer base. Enrico Galliera, Ferrari’s Chief Marketing and Commercial Officer, […]

By Nicolo Finazzi
Q3 2023 Crypto Market Bitcoin Ether Blackrock ETF

Q3 2023 Crypto Market Recap and False ETF Approvals

The Crypto Market Stats for Q3 2023 The cryptocurrency market in Q3 2023 exhibited interesting dynamics. Bitcoin demonstrated resilience by declining only 10.9%, outperforming the broader CoinDesk Market Index (CMI) which fell by 11%. On the other hand, Ether faced a slightly steeper decline at 12.5%, underperforming compared to Bitcoin. The performance of these major […]

By Nicolo Finazzi
Martin Bednall BlackRock Bitcoin ETFs SEC

Former BlackRock Executive Expects Joint Approval of Bitcoin ETFs

According to Martin Bednall, a former BlackRock executive and now CEO of Jacobi Asset Management, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is likely to approve all spot bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) applications at once. This strategic move, as explained by Bednall, aims to avoid providing any particular entity with a "first mover advantage". Speaking […]

By Nicolo Finazzi
Crypto Wallets Bitcoin Ethereum Blockchain

Crypto Wallets: Types, Security, and Best Practices

Crypto wallets are your gateway to the world of cryptocurrencies. Whether you're a seasoned investor or just entering the crypto space, understanding the types of wallets, how to secure them, and best practices is essential. In this article, we'll provide a comprehensive guide to crypto wallets, ensuring that you can manage your digital assets with […]

By Nicolo Finazzi
Hong Kong VC Venture Capital CMCC Global $100 Million Titan Fund Blockchain Startups

Hong Kong Crypto VC Launches $100 Million "Titan Fund"

CMCC Global, a VC firm focused on cryptocurrencies and based in Hong Kong, has achieved a significant milestone by raising $100 million for its new Titan Fund. This fund aims to back Asian blockchain startups, particularly those in Hong Kong. The timing here is important. In fact, the initiative is taking place amidst a funding […]

By Nicolo Finazzi
UBS Tokenized Money Market Fund Ethereum

UBS Tests Tokenized Money Market Fund on Ethereum

UBS Asset Management, a leading global fund house, has taken a significant step towards integrating blockchain technology by launching a live pilot of a tokenized money market fund on the Ethereum blockchain. This pilot, part of "Project Guardian," facilitates testing various fund activities on-chain, including subscriptions and redemptions. UBS has utilized its in-house tokenization service, […]

By Nicolo Finazzi
Bitcoin Ethereum Uptober

Bitcoin and Ethereum Surge and Push "Uptober" Predictions

In a surprising turn of events, the crypto market witnessed a sudden surge in the prices of Bitcoin and Ethereum, with increases of nearly 4% in a 15-minute window on October 1st. The unexpected price spike led to the liquidation of more than $70 million in crypto shorts, leaving the community buzzing with speculation and […]

By Nicolo Finazzi
Private Public Blockchains Businesses

Private vs. Public Blockchains: Which Is Right for Your Business?

The blockchain landscape presents a fundamental choice: private or public blockchains. Each option holds distinct characteristics that cater to specific needs and objectives. In this article, we delve into the space of private and public blockchains, providing insights to help you decide which aligns better with your business requirements. Understanding Private Blockchains Advantages of Private […]

By Luigi Savarese
Bitcoin Ethereum Crypto Blockchain

Bitcoin vs. Ethereum: A Comparative Analysis of Two Industry Giants

Everyone in the space knows about the two industry giants, Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, these are often looked at solely from an investment perspective. In this article, we will conduct a comparative analysis of Bitcoin and Ethereum, shedding light on their fundamental differences and applications. Bitcoin and Ethereum, the two cryptocurrency titans, are often compared […]

By Nicolo Finazzi
SEC Chair Gary Gensler Congressional Hearing Crypto Bitcoin ETFs

SEC Chair Gensler Deals with Crypto Challenges in Congressional Hearing

In a recent congressional hearing, Gary Gensler, the chair of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), emphasized his critical stance on the crypto industry. He raised concerns about how crypto companies handle customer assets, highlighting the dangers of commingling assets which, in his view, have historically not yielded positive outcomes. One significant point of […]

By Nicolo Finazzi
Blockchain Explained Guide Web3

Blockchain Explained: The Foundation of Web3

In the digital age, the internet is an integral part of our daily lives, influencing how we communicate, make payments, read news, work, and socialize. With the rise of Web3, the internet is undergoing a transformative shift, and at its core is blockchain technology. In 2023, understanding the fundamentals of blockchain is becoming essential to […]

By Nicolo Finazzi
MicroStrategy Bitcoin Crypto

MicroStrategy Buys $147M Bitcoin, Now Holds $4.68B Worth

MicroStrategy continues to solidify its position as a Bitcoin investor. It does this with the recent purchase of 5,445 BTC for approximately $147.3 million in cash. The acquisition took place between August 1 and September 24, with an average price of roughly $27,053 per Bitcoin. This new addition brings MicroStrategy's total Bitcoin holdings to an […]

By Nicolo Finazzi
Grayscale Investments Ethereum ETH Futures ETF SEC

Grayscale Investments Officially Files for Ethereum Futures ETF

Grayscale Investments has now officially submitted an application to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for a new cryptocurrency Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF). However, unlike the numerous Bitcoin spot ETFs awaiting regulatory approval, this time Grayscale's ETF focuses on Ethereum futures. The proposal outlines that this ETF will not directly transact in Ethereum nor need […]

By Nicolo Finazzi
Citigroup Citibank City Token Services Blockchain

Citigroup Ventures into Blockchain with Citi Token Services

Citigroup, a prominent investment banking firm, has unveiled its entry into the blockchain space with its Citi Token Services. This service is designed for institutional clients, enabling their deposits to be transformed into digital tokens for seamless global transactions. Citigroup stated that the tokens will operate on a private blockchain, one managed exclusively by the […]

By Nicolo Finazzi
Google Cloud Web3

Shifting Focus to Business: Google Cloud Perspective on Web3

James Tromans, the Head of Web3 at Google Cloud, presented his view on Web3 during an interview with Cointelegraph. He believes the crypto industry needs a new perspective: a shift of focus from token prices to utilizing blockchain's potential for solving genuine business challenges. In the interview, Tromans highlighted the significance of concentrating on business […]

By Nicolo Finazzi
Telegram TON Space Crypto Wallet

Telegram Announces Integration of Self-Custodial Crypto Wallet

Telegram, the popular chat application with 800 million monthly active users, has unveiled TON Space, a self-custodial cryptocurrency wallet. The announcement, made in collaboration with the TON Foundation, signifies a bold move by Telegram, considering the ongoing legal battles with the SEC faced by crypto projects in the United States. Developed by the Open Network […]

By Nicolo Finazzi
Franklin Templeton Bitcoin ETF SEC

Major Financial Player Franklin Templeton Enters Bitcoin ETF Race

Franklin Templeton, a financial giant with nearly $1.5 trillion in assets under management, has thrown its hat into the ring in the race to launch a spot bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF). In their filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Franklin Templeton outlined plans for a Coinbase-custodied ETF that would trade on the […]

By Nicolo Finazzi
NFT Fest Lugano

NFT Fest Lugano: A Glimpse into the Future of Blockchain and NFTs

On September 7th, NFT Fest Lugano took place, a five-day event all about Blockchain, NFTs, Web3, Crypto, and the Metaverse. The event featured many international experts, thought-provoking discussions, gaming rooms, and interesting new projects. I had the privilege of being present, which enabled me to convey the event's insights in this article. When I arrived, the outside […]

By Nicolo Finazzi
CFTC DeFi Protocols Opyn ZeroEx Deridex

CFTC Files Charges Against Three DeFi Protocols

The U.S. Commodities and Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) recently took action against three prominent DeFi protocols – Opyn, ZeroEx (0x), and Deridex. The charges against the protocols include multiple violations, including unauthorized leveraged and margined retail commodity transactions in digital assets. A primary concern was their failure to secure the required licenses for operations within […]

By Nicolo Finazzi
Ryan Salame FTX

Former FTX Executive Ryan Salame Pleads Guilty

Ryan Salame, former executive at FTX, has entered a guilty plea related to the exchange's downfall. This marks the fourth individual associated with FTX's founder, Sam Bankman-Fried, to admit criminal wrongdoing in connection with the exchange's collapse. Salame's admission came during a hearing in a federal court in New York. He pleaded guilty to conspiring […]

By Nicolo Finazzi
Bitcoin ETFs SEC

Bitcoin ETFs: Everything You Need to Know

In recent years, the financial landscape has witnessed a fascinating convergence between the world of blockchain technology and the traditional financial sector. A significant manifestation of this intersection is the growing interest surrounding the filing of Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) by several prominent financial firms such as Blackrock and Fidelity. This paper wants to delve into the core […]

By Nicolo Finazzi
MetaMask Sell

MetaMask Unveils 'Sell' Feature to Turn Crypto into Fiat

MetaMask, one of the world's most popular cryptocurrency wallets, has unveiled a significant new feature called 'Sell'. This will allow users to exchange their crypto holdings, specifically Ether (ETH), for traditional fiat currency. This move marks a notable step toward enhancing the functionality of MetaMask as more than just a crypto wallet. With this feature, […]

By Nicolo Finazzi
Bybit TradeGPT AI Crypto

Crypto Exchange Bybit Introduces AI Assistant 'TradeGPT'

Dubai-based cryptocurrency exchange Bybit has launched an innovative AI-driven trading assistant named 'TradeGPT'. This tool leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and language models to provide traders with valuable market insights and technical assistance. TradeGPT is described as an educational tool powered by AI, utilizing the generative capabilities of ChatGPT's extensive language model in conjunction with Bybit's […]

By Nicolo Finazzi
Grayscale SEC Bitcoin ETF

Grayscale Secures Legal Victory Over the SEC for Bitcoin ETF

In a significant legal victory, Grayscale Investments has triumphed over the SEC's decision regarding its Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC). The SEC had previously rejected Grayscale's application to convert GBTC into a listed Bitcoin ETF, citing concerns about fraud prevention. The US Court of Appeals Circuit Judge Neomi Rao has ruled in favor of Grayscale. In […]

By Nicolo Finazzi
elon musk X license

Elon Musk's X Obtains Required License for Crypto Payments

Elon Musk's X, formerly known as Twitter, obtained a "Currency Transmitter" license from the state of Rhode Island. It will allow to storage, transfer, and exchange of digital assets on behalf of its users. The license is a key step in X's becoming a more crypto-friendly platform. In recent months, Musk has repeatedly hinted that […]

By Luigi Savarese
crypto hong kong

SEBA Bank Secures Approval for Hong Kong Crypto Services

SEBA Bank can offer crypto services in Hong Kong. The Swiss bank that supports cryptocurrencies received initial approval from the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) for offering the service. This approval allows SEBA Bank to offer over-the-counter: However, the Hong Kong branch cannot convert fiat currencies to cryptocurrencies. Clients can go to SEBA […]

By Luigi Savarese
Bitcoin First Republic Bank Crisis

Banking Evolution in the Age of Bitcoin: Adapting or Fading Away?

During the first days of May 2023, we witnessed two major financial events regarding Bitcoin and the financial system. Let’s discuss these in the context of the larger financial system. Is there a connection between the two? The traditional banking system is actually failing? Is crypto going to replace it? Things are moving fast in […]

By Luigi Savarese
Tornado Cash Money Laundering

Tornado Cash Developers Charged with $1B Money Laundering

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has charged the developers behind Tornado Cash, a decentralized cryptocurrency mixing service, with money laundering and sanctions violations. Roman Storm and Roman Semenov, two of the co-founders of Tornado Cash, are accused of creating, operating, and promoting the platform, which facilitated more than $1 billion in transactions. The mixing […]

By Nicolo Finazzi
FTX Sam Bankman-Fried Not Guilty

Sam Bankman-Fried Pleads Not Guilty in FTX Legal Case

Sam Bankman-Fried, the former CEO and co-founder of the crypto exchange FTX, has entered a plea of not guilty to charges of fraud and money laundering. The charges were filed in an updated indictment by prosecutors, and were heard in court by Judge Sarah Netburn on August 22. The indictment against Bankman-Fried includes seven counts […]

By Nicolo Finazzi
making money

The Art of Making Money: Memecoin Economy Examination

In the expansive and diverse Web3 universe, a new phenomenon has caught the public eye. Rhett Mankind is a digital artist based in Melbourne. He struck a rich vein with his daring blend of art and finance - TurboToad, a memecoin. This venture provides a captivating example that allows us to scrutinize the flourishing memecoin […]

By Luigi Savarese
Coinbase NFA Cryptocurrency Futures Trading

Coinbase Secures US Approval for Cryptocurrency Futures Trading

Coinbase, the leading cryptocurrency exchange in the United States, has achieved a significant regulatory milestone by gaining approval from the National Futures Association (NFA) to introduce cryptocurrency futures trading to its eligible US clients. This approval positions Coinbase as the first regulated entity in the US to provide both spot trading and futures derivatives within […]

By Nicolo Finazzi
Europe Jacobi FT Wilshire Bitcoin ETF

Europe's First Spot Bitcoin ETF Goes Live

Jacobi Asset Management, a London-based firm, has marked a significant milestone in the world of cryptocurrency investment. On Tuesday, it launched Europe's first spot Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) on Euronext Amsterdam. The ETF, named the Jacobi FT Wilshere Bitcoin ETF, has gained regulatory approval from the Guernsey Financial Services Commission (GFSC). This will likely trade […]

By Nicolo Finazzi
ARK 21Shares Bitcoin ETF SEC

SEC Delays Decision on ARK 21Shares Bitcoin ETF

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has delayed its decision on the ARK 21Shares Bitcoin ETF application. This has caused further waiting time for the much-anticipated offering. Originally filed in April, the decision deadline was set for August 13. While this delay is a setback, the recent surge of ETF applications, including those from […]

By Nicolo Finazzi
Coinbase Base Blockchain

Coinbase Officially Launches Its Own Blockchain, Base

Coinbase, the leading cryptocurrency exchange in the US, has made history by launching its very own blockchain named Base. This significant move has set a new precedent, as Coinbase becomes the first publicly listed company to establish its own distributed network. While Base had been available for testing by developers, Coinbase announced that it is […]

By Nicolo Finazzi
Microsoft Aptos Labs Collaboration AI Blockchain

Microsoft and Aptos Labs Announce AI-Blockchain Partnership

Microsoft is joining forces with Aptos Labs, a prominent developer of layer 1 blockchain technology. The significant collaboration aims to exploit the combination of artificial intelligence with the expanding Web3 and Blockchain ecosystems. The partnership will boost transparency, trust, and adoption in AI-driven blockchain applications. Aptos Labs is known for its advanced Move programming language […]

By Nicolo Finazzi
Cathie Wood Bitcoin ETF SEC

Cathie Wood Predicts Multiple Bitcoin ETF Approvals by SEC

Cathie Wood, the CEO of ARK Invest, has shifted her stance on the potential approval of spot-Bitcoin ETFs by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Wood stated that she believes the SEC could approve several Bitcoin ETFs at the same time. This is contrary to her previous claim […]

By Nicolo Finazzi
paypal stablecoin

PayPal Launches PayPal USD Stablecoin

PayPal launched its own U.S. dollar-pegged stablecoin, PayPal USD (PYUSD). The Ethereum-based token is now available to PayPal users in the U.S. and is the first time a major financial company has issued its stablecoin. PYUSD can be transferred between PayPal and supported external wallets, funded goods and services purchases, or converted to or from […]

By Luigi Savarese
Binance Dubai

Binance Expands Crypto Offerings in Dubai

Binance, the major cryptocurrency exchange, has achieved a significant milestone in its relationship with regulators in the UAE by obtaining a new license in Dubai. The license has been issued to Binance's Dubai-based subsidiary known as Binance FZE. It represents an operational MVP license and has been granted by Dubai's Virtual Asset Regulatory Authority (VARA). […]

By Nicolo Finazzi
Italy futuristic token

Italy Partners with Polygon & Fireblocks to Test Token Assets

The Bank of Italy announced a partnership with the leading Ethereum scaling protocol Polygon and decentralized finance platform Fireblocks. They aim to integrate blockchain technology into the country's financial system. The ultimate goal is to develop a platform that will allow other financial institutions to experiment with token assets. The project is part of the […]

By Luigi Savarese
Dogecoin Elon Musk Twitter X

Elon Musk's Tweets Boost Dogecoin

Dogecoin, the cryptocurrency originally created as a joke in 2013, has seen a remarkable surge in value. DOGE has gained over 9% on Tuesday, reaching a trading price of $0.08. In the past week, it has risen by 20%, solidifying its position as one of the best-performing coins in the market. Elon Musk, the CEO […]

By Nicolo Finazzi
Japan Web3

Japan Prime Minister Embraces Web3, Binance Ready to Launch

Japan's Prime Minister, Fumio Kishida, has reaffirmed the nation's dedication to nurturing the Web3 industry, considering it a "new form of capitalism". He believes Web3 has the potential to revolutionize the internet and instigate positive social change. During his keynote speech at the WebX conference in Tokyo, Kishida emphasized the importance of bringing industry players […]

By Nicolo Finazzi
Worldcoin Sam Altman Eye Scanning Technology AI

Worldcoin by Sam Altman: The Future of Crypto and Digital Identity

Worldcoin, the ambitious crypto project co-founded by OpenAI's Sam Altman, has officially launched after a three-year development journey. The project's goal is to achieve global-scale alignment by creating a unique digital identity for users through eyeball scans using an "orb". This identity, known as World ID, provides "proof of personhood" and addresses the challenges posed […]

By Nicolo Finazzi
Robert F Kennedy Jr Bitcoin

Kennedy Jr. Aims to Make America the Crypto Hub

Democratic Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has proposed two bold policies for his potential administration. First, he wants to exempt Bitcoin holders from capital gains tax when exchanging for U.S. Dollars. He believes this will spur investment, enhance citizen privacy, and retain top talent in the United States. Kennedy aims to make America the […]

By Nicolo Finazzi
Coinbase CEO Armstrong Crypto Legislation House of Democrats

Coinbase CEO Meets House Democrats for Crypto Legislation

Key Takeaways: Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong is scheduled to have a closed-door meeting with House Democrats  to discuss digital-asset legislation. The agenda for the meeting includes topics such as tax regulations, national security implications, privacy concerns, and climate considerations. The meeting takes place amid Coinbase's ongoing legal dispute with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The allegations involve operating an […]

By Nicolo Finazzi
Ripple SEC Securities Win

Ripple Labs Celebrates Partial Victory in XRP Case Against SEC

Key Takeaways: Ripple Labs achieved a significant legal victory when a U.S. judge ruled that the company did not violate federal securities law by selling its XRP token on public exchanges. This landmark decision is the first win for a cryptocurrency firm in a case brought by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The […]

By Nicolo Finazzi
Bitcoin Price 120k Crypto News

Crypto News: $120k Bitcoin, SEC, EU & Canada Regulation, Gemini Lawsuit

Welcome to Lab51 Crypto News, your go-to source for staying up to date with the latest developments in the cryptocurrency industry. This week, we cover a range of exciting topics, including new Bitcoin price predictions, updates on the SEC and Coinbase dispute, new crypto regulations in the EU and Canada, and the latest case of […]

By Nicolo Finazzi
Crypto News BlackRock CEO Bitcoin

CRYPTO NEWS: BlackRock CEO Praises Crypto, Bitcoin Record, SEC Debate, South Korea Legislation, Singapore's Stricter Rules

Welcome to Lab51 Crypto News, your go-to source for staying up to date with the latest developments in the cryptocurrency industry. This week, we cover a range of exciting topics, including BlackRock CEO Larry Fink's recognition of Bitcoin's potential, record-breaking Bitcoin mining revenue, SEC's scrutiny of Bitcoin ETF filings, South Korea's groundbreaking crypto bill, and […]

By Nicolo Finazzi
Michael Saylor Bitcoin MicroStrategy

CRYPTO DIGEST: MicroStrategy Buys More BTC, HSBC’s Crypto ETFs, FTX Return, Fidelity Strategy, Kennedy Supports Bitcoin

MicroStrategy Boosts Bitcoin Holdings: Adds 12,333 BTC Worth $347 Million Key Highlights: MicroStrategy, under the guidance of CEO Michael Saylor, continues to show its strong belief in the future of Bitcoin. The company recently announced its purchase of an additional 12,333 bitcoins, worth $347 million. This move brings MicroStrategy's total bitcoin holdings to an impressive 152,333 bitcoins, valued at over $4.6 billion. […]

By Nicolo Finazzi

Crypto 101: Latest Trends and Tech

Cryptocurrencies are not a monolithic category, but a diverse and evolving landscape of digital assets with different features and purposes. According to Statista, the overall crypto market capitalization reached a record high of over 5 trillion U.S. dollars in June 2023, up from 2.5 trillion in December 2022. The number of identity-verified crypto asset users […]

By Eleni Murru
Bitcoin Banks Blackrock

CRYPTO DIGEST: BlackRock’s ETF, Bitcoin Above $30K, Deutsche Bank Joins the Space, EDX Markets Launch, Binance-SEC Agreement

BlackRock Files for Bitcoin ETF with Coinbase as Custodian Key Highlights: BlackRock, the global investment management firm, has submitted an application for a spot Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) with Coinbase acting as the cryptocurrency custodian. This strategic move reflects BlackRock's growing interest in the crypto market and underscores the increasing acceptance of Bitcoin among institutional investors. By filing for a Bitcoin […]

By Nicolo Finazzi
Bitcoin dip price crypto

CRYPTO DIGEST: Bitcoin Dips, Binance and SEC Updates, a16z in London, Brazil Opens to Crypto, Apple Rejects Bitcoin

Bitcoin Dips Below $25K for the First Time in 3 Months Key Highlights: Bitcoin, the world's largest cryptocurrency, recently faced a significant drop in its price, dipping below the $25,000 mark for the first time in three months. The sudden decline came as the Federal Reserve made a significant announcement regarding interest rates. As the Federal Reserve pressed pause on […]

By Nicolo Finazzi
SEC Binance Coinbase Bitcoin Court

CRYPTO DIGEST: SEC Sues Binance and Coinbase, Swift and Chainlink Collaboration, Bitcoin Enters Insurance Industry

SEC Launches Lawsuits Against Binance and Coinbase Key Takeaways: The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has taken a significant step in regulating the cryptocurrency market by filing lawsuits against two major exchanges, Binance and Coinbase. These legal actions indicate an intensified focus on enforcing securities laws within the crypto industry. The lawsuits raise important questions about compliance, investor protection, and the future of […]

By Nicolo Finazzi

CRYPTO DIGEST: WEF Urges Crypto Policy, Russia New Approach, Beijing Plans for Web3 Innovation, Bitcoin Down in May, UAE and Hong Kong Collaboration

World Economic Forum Releases White Paper for Global Crypto Policy Key Highlights: The World Economic Forum (WEF) has recently published a comprehensive report shedding light on the major obstacles and possible solutions in the regulation of crypto assets worldwide. The report delves into the challenges faced by governments and policymakers in adopting effective regulations for the rapidly evolving crypto industry, and it does […]

By Nicolo Finazzi
Vitalik Buterin Ethereum

Vitalik Buterin Ethereum Essay Recap

In this essay, Vitalik Buterin provides an analysis of various strategies for the consensus mechanism of the Ethereum network. Additionally, the essay delves into the potential risks associated with several innovative proposals. The author distinguishes between low-risk practices, such as the dual use of validator-staked ETH, and high-risk approaches that attempt to exploit Ethereum's social […]

By Nicolo Finazzi
Hong Kong Crypto Retail Bitcoin

CRYPTO DIGEST: Hong Kong Embraces Crypto, Solana Integrates ChatGPT, VISA Tests Account Abstraction, Presidential Candidate Defends Bitcoin, Japan Strengthens Regulation 

Hong Kong Opens Doors for Retail Investors in Crypto Market Hong Kong's securities regulator has made a significant stride by allowing retail investors to enter the world of cryptocurrencies. This decision opens new doors for individual investors, enabling them to participate in the dynamic and rapidly evolving crypto market. By providing a regulated framework, Hong Kong aims to ensure investor […]

By Nicolo Finazzi
LAB51 Featured Image_What is the deal with Crypto Artist_NFT2

What's the Deal with Crypto Art?

At first glance, it may appear that Crypto Art and NFTs are the same thing. However, this is not entirely correct. Crypto art is an umbrella term encompassing the fusion of art and the blockchain, as the name suggests. It's all about preserving digital art, like music albums, paintings, and even awards, by using NFTs. […]

By Anja Prosch

CRYPTO DIGEST: Eye-Scan Technology, Ledger Controversy, MiCa Approval, UK Regulation Proposal, Ripple’s Latest Acquisition, Samsung and Bank of Korea Collaboration

Eye-Scan Authentication and Crypto: OpenAI's Worldcoin Project Makes Waves  OpenAI's CEO, Sam Altman, is at the forefront of the groundbreaking Worldcoin project, which aims to revolutionize the world of cryptocurrency. With Worldcoin's objective of providing access to digital currency for every individual on the planet, Altman's involvement has garnered significant attention. Recently, the project has […]

By Anja Prosch

CRYPTO DIGEST: Powerhouse Collab, Coinbase Support, BTC Withdrawal Woes, Argentina's Crypto Ban, PEPE Coin Rollercoaster 

Powerhouse Collaboration: Goldman Sachs, Deloitte, and Microsoft Join Forces with Digital Asset for Groundbreaking Blockchain Project A remarkable collaboration has taken shape in the blockchain space as industry giants Goldman Sachs, Deloitte, and Microsoft and more team up with Digital Asset to create an innovative blockchain network named “Canton Network”. This groundbreaking project aims to […]

By Anja Prosch
From Courtrooms to Crypto: The Rise of Blockchain in the Legal System

From Courtrooms to Crypto: The Rise of Blockchain in the Legal System

Is blockchain technology truly reliable or just overhyped? How can Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collectors expand the use of this technology in innovative ways? And with the rising popularity of cryptocurrency as an investment asset, what are its legal implications and challenges? These are just some pressing issues that have come to the forefront of courts’ […]

By Anja Prosch
LAB51 Featured Image Crypto und Blockchain2


PAYPAL'S VENMO TO LAUNCH CRYPTO TRANSFERS, ADDING MORE PAYMENT OPTIONS FOR THEIR USERS Venmo, the digital payment platform owned by PayPal, is set to launch a new feature that will allow users to buy, hold, and sell cryptocurrencies directly within the app. The move is aimed at making it easier for Venmo's more than 70 million users to […]

By Nicolo Finazzi
LAB51_feat. Image_Cryptocurrency ethereum logo coin

Ethereum reduces energy consumption by 99.99%

According to the NewScientiest, researchers have reported that Ethereum, the world's second-largest cryptocurrency, has successfully reduced its emissions by 99.99% after an unprecedented experiment to abandon power-hungry mining in favor of a new approach.  Ethereum, along with many other cryptocurrencies, previously relied on a method called "Proof of Work" (PoW) to secure its network, which […]

By Dolma Memmishofer
The Blockchain Trilemma

The Blockchain Trilemma

Cryptocurrency and blockchain are interconnected. Blockchain is a digital ledger that records cryptocurrency transactions, while cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency secured through cryptography. Blockchain creates an incorruptible, permanent, and verifiable record of all cryptocurrency transactions, making them almost impossible to alter or counterfeit. The inviolability of blockchain also makes it almost impossible to […]

By Anja Prosch

Understanding Fundamental Analysis for Evaluating Crypto Projects

The world of cryptocurrencies is a rapidly expanding universe with numerous new projects emerging every day. With so many options available, it can be challenging for investors to differentiate between those that hold great potential and those that are likely to fall short. But fret not, for there is a method that can help investors […]

By Anja Prosch

How Ethereum Merge Will Change The Crypto Market

Recently, the cryptocurrency market witnessed a critical event that would change the whole industry. Ethereum declared the merge of the blockchain platform network. "And we finalized!... Happy merge, all. This is a big moment for the Ethereum ecosystem," -Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum creator, confirmed on his Twitter. The developers claim that this move will allow the […]

By Anja Prosch