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XRHealth and CalmiGo Donate VR Headsets and Anxiety-Relief Tech to Citizens

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By Nicolo Finazzi
Nicolo Finazzi

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November 2, 2023
  • Israeli firms are donating anxiety-relief devices to Israeli citizens.
  • XRHealth is distributing VR headsets, CalmiGo is sending anxiety-reducing devices.
  • XRHealth aims to deploy 10K VR headsets, recognizing their potential in aiding patient mental health recovery.

In a commendable gesture of support during wartime stress, VR Headsets and innovative anxiety relief devices have been donated by Israeli companies XRHealth and CalmiGo to the aid of citizens. XRHealth, headquartered in Boston with research and development in Tel Aviv, is distributing hundreds of VR headsets to patients in 30 healthcare facilities across Israel. These VR headsets are equipped with software designed to calm anxiety, reduce stress, and alleviate PTSD symptoms. XRHealth's Patient Xperience software offers patients 53 different virtual reality environments for meditation, self-relaxation, and anxiety relief.

Calming anxiety is also the mission of CalmiGo, a company with offices in New York and Israel. They've announced the contribution of 1,000 CalmiGo devices to help victims of attacks and Israelis enduring wartime conditions. CalmiGo's devices employ patented, scientifically proven exhalation techniques to provide immediate drug-free relief in moments of anxiety, stress, and panic attacks.

Eran Orr, CEO of XRHealth, expressed the company's dedication to assisting survivors of recent attacks and the people of Israel through their recovery process. They aim to deploy 10,000 VR headsets, recognizing the potential of VR technology to aid in patient mental health recovery.

Both initiatives underline the importance of mental health care during trying times, especially when resources are scarce. These contributions are a testament to the commitment of healthcare technology companies to support their communities.

Lab51 on VR Headsets For Medical Treatment

At Lab51, we applaud XRHealth and CalmiGo for their compassionate initiatives during these challenging times. Providing anxiety-relief devices to citizens in need showcases the transformative power of technology in improving mental health. In this era, where stress and anxiety are widespread, these contributions underline the importance of mental health support. As a company dedicated to innovation and well-being, Lab51 values efforts in enhancing the emotional and psychological well-being of individuals facing adversity.

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