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Via Treasure Trunks: Louis Vuitton’s Phygital New NFT Adventure

Louis Vuitton
By Eleni Murru
Eleni Murru

3 Min

June 9, 2023

Louis Vuitton is back in the NFT scene with a stunning new collection that will make you drool. The French luxury fashion house, which first experimented with NFTs two years ago, has unveiled its Via Treasure Trunks project. These are ‘phygital’ NFTs that are linked to physical travel trunks and offer exclusive access to future products, experiences, and a community of like-minded holders. This is a groundbreaking initiative that combines the best of fashion and Web3.

A Look Inside Via: How It Works                   

For now, only customers in the U.S., Canada, France, the U.K., Germany, Japan, or Australia can sign up for a chance to buy one of the new digital Treasure Trunks from Louis Vuitton. The new collection will open tomorrow, June 8, for only a few hundred pieces at a cost of €39,000, or about $42,000. Customers will need to share some personal information (such as wallet ID, name, and country) and connect their crypto wallet to register.

The selected ones will get access to a private webpage on June 14 to explore the world of Via. After that, on June 16, they will get the chance to purchase their personal Treasure Trunk, using either crypto or fiat currency on a dedicated platform. The best part is that they will also get a physical replica of the digital trunk and exclusive access to future Louis Vuitton products and events.

These collectibles are Soulbound NFTs, which means they are linked to the original buyer and cannot be moved or sold to anyone else. So only the selected ones will get exclusive access to the Via Porta, showing the company’s purpose to go in an opposite direction from many of the original high-value communities. However, customers will still be able to sell the digital collectibles they purchased through VIA on different NFT marketplaces in the future.

The collection Treasure Trunk is the first digital trunk from Louis Vuitton and is part of a larger project called "Via", which means road in Latin. The luxury company states that this collection is made for those who want to travel through new dreams and new realities. Louis Vuitton considers Via a fresh beginning that involves traceability and event-focused NFTs. These initiatives aim to nurture and incentivize communities of NFT holders. With Via, the brand is embarking on an exciting new phase, focusing on transparency, building connections, and providing rewarding experiences for those engaged in the world of NFTs.

A Journey into Innovation

It’s no secret that Louis Vuitton has always been keen on keeping up with innovation and technology. In fact, before the Via project, in April 2021, they teamed up with two other big luxury brands, Prada and Cartier, on the Aura blockchain project to make the luxury industry more transparent and traceable and used the technology for their LV Diamonds collection. Later in August 2021, it also created a video game called ‘Louis The Game’ to celebrate the 200th anniversary of its founder, Louis. The game lets players look for 30 NFTs hidden in its metaverse.

Web3 is reshaping the world by bridging the digital and physical domains, creating a unified and immersive experience. Louis Vuitton’s entry into the digital collectibles market is a stunning example of how Web3 is opening up exciting new opportunities for the luxury industry and beyond.