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UK Parliament Calls for Urgent AI Legislation

UK Parliament MPs AI Legislation
By Nicolo Finazzi
Nicolo Finazzi

2 Min

September 4, 2023
  • UK MPs urge introduction of AI legislation to maintain its leadership.
  • Delaying new AI laws may allow the EU to establish de facto standards.
  • The government emphasizes upcoming AI summit and a £100M investment in AI safety.

UK Members of Parliament (MPs) have issued a warning regarding the urgency of passing new AI legislation. They have stressed that the UK's ambition to lead in AI regulation is at risk unless new laws are introduced by November. Failure to do so could allow the European Union to surpass the UK in establishing AI safety protocols, as per the Commons Technology Committee.

The UK is set to host an international AI summit at the beginning of November. While the government has indicated its willingness to consider additional measures, it has not confirmed whether it agrees that a new law must be introduced quickly. Instead, it has highlighted its £100 million investment in a task force aimed at promoting the secure development of AI models. This investment is claimed to be the largest dedicated to AI safety among all governments globally.

The committee's report underlines the importance of introducing legislation promptly. Delaying legislation for two years, the report argues, could result in the UK being left behind. The report also outlines twelve key challenges that the UK government must address. These include issues related to bias in AI, privacy concerns, employment impacts, and the use of copyrighted material in training AI systems.

The government's approach to AI safety doesn't involves creation of a new AI regulator. Rather, it wants to assign oversight to existing regulators based on the specific AI applications. Some experts have supported this approach over the EU's, which they criticized as overly complex.

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