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UK Announces Crypto Regulations by 2024: What's Changing?

UK Crypto Regulations 2024
By Nicolo Finazzi
Nicolo Finazzi

2 Min

October 31, 2023
  • The UK government plans to introduce comprehensive crypto regulations by 2024.
  • The initial focus will be on fiat-backed stablecoins, with extension to other crypto assets.
  • These regulations align with a global trend of balancing innovation with investor protection in the crypto sector.

The UK government has unveiled its plans to introduce comprehensive crypto regulations by 2024. This has been outlined in a recent consultation paper. The proposal builds on responses from various stakeholders. These entities include crypto companies, industry groups, academia, and the public. The regulation will set the stage for strict rules governing different aspects of the cryptocurrency sector.

The forthcoming regulations extend to cryptocurrency exchanges, custodians responsible for safeguarding digital assets, and crypto lending entities. It will also address issues related to market abuse and cryptoasset disclosures. This regulatory framework is in line with the UK government's aim to create an environment where the country becomes a global center for crypto technology. Treasury Minister Andrew Griffith expressed his satisfaction with these proposals, emphasizing the potential for the UK to be an attractive destination for crypto businesses.

This phased approach to cryptocurrency initially targets fiat-backed stablecoins, with algorithmic stablecoins and other aspects of the crypto industry coming under the regulatory umbrella in subsequent phases. While this marks a significant step in crypto regulation, the details are yet to be finalized.

The UK's move follows international trends of increasing oversight and legislation in the cryptocurrency sector. Striking a balance between innovation and investor protection is becoming a central theme for governments and regulatory bodies worldwide. These regulations aim to support the growth of the cryptocurrency sector in the UK while ensuring the interests of businesses and consumers are protected.

Lab51 on the UK Crypto Regulation

Lab51 recognizes the UK government's commitment to developing a robust regulatory framework for the cryptocurrency industry. The phased approach to crypto regulation, starting with stablecoins, reflects a balanced strategy to foster innovation while safeguarding investors and consumers. We anticipate that these regulations will bring increased clarity and stability to the UK's crypto landscape, potentially attracting more businesses to establish themselves in the country.

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