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OpenSea's 'Deals' Facilitate NFT Swaps

'Deals' to Facilitate Peer-to-Peer OpenSea NFT Swaps

NFT marketplace OpenSea introduced Deals, a new feature allowing users to swap NFTs directly. OpenSea's native NFT protocol Seaport powers the new feature. It aims to make NFT swapping more trustworthy and secure. With Deals, users can offer to swap up to 30 NFTs, or they can add wrapped ether (WETH) to sweeten the deal. The recipient of the deal can […]

By Luigi Savarese

Audi Drives Ahead: AI Boosts Quality and Efficiency

Audi is increasingly applying artificial intelligence to the production of its vehicles. According to the Four Rings brand, AI will now help with quality control. Specifically, the project involves the analysis of spot welds in the bodywork. A delicate process that must be performed with the utmost care to avoid endangering the conditions of both […]

By Eleni Murru