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Siemens Leading Germany Industrial Metaverse Investment

By Luigi Savarese
Luigi Savarese

2 Min

July 18, 2023

Key Highlights:

  • Siemens invests €1B in Germany Industrial Metaverse, reinforcing Web3 Leadership.
  • Erlangen chosen as global R&D hub for innovative, sustainable manufacturing.
  • Siemens' commitment to digital innovation drives Europe's industrial excellence.

Siemens announced a substantial investment of €1 billion to propel Germany Industrial Metaverse Initiatives forward. This development comes after the European Commission's strengthened commitment to the Metaverse. It signal the growing importance of this technology in the European market. This follows the company ambitious €2 billion investment strategy announced few weeks ago.

Furthermore, the company has chosen the city of Erlangen for its new Technology Campus. As a result, €500 million will be channeled into expanding development and manufacturing capacities. Firstly, Siemens aims to accelerate its growth, stimulate innovation, and enhance its overall resilience. Additionally, the company wants to usher in a new era of sustainable high-tech manufacturing and flexibility in response to market changes leveraging physical data and AI. Nevertheless, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz praised the investment. He recognised it as a testament to Germany's strength as a hub for innovation and sustainable job creation. Furthermore, Roland Busch, Siemens CEO, emphasised its commitment to innovation in Germany and its determination to create a phygital world.

The planned campus in Erlangen will focus on sustainable high-tech manufacturing. Moreover, it wants to enhance collaboration with partners from the business and scientific communities. Siemens will leverage the industrial Metaverse to digitally plan and simulate new buildings and optimize factory layoutsrevolutionising the production process. The new campus will be a net-zero location. Hence it will incorporate innovative energy infrastructure, and green energy supply. Finally, Siemens' sustainable digital building technology solutions will foster a partnership with the city of Erlangen.

This investment is a critical component of Siemens' strategy to bridge the gap between the real and digital realms. As part of its global investment strategy, Siemens is committing significant resources to regions like the USA, and China. By embracing Metaverse potential, Siemens is at the fore of digital innovation, driving sustainable growth and propelling the European Market into a new era of industrial excellence.