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NFT NEWS: Lacoste, AzukiDAO, Warner Music & NFT Drops

By Luigi Savarese
Luigi Savarese

9 Min

July 6, 2023

In today's NFT News edition Lacoste's launches an interactive gaming experience "The Mission," where fans can earn rewards and unlock better assets. AzukiDAO proposes legal action to recover ETH from the founder amid controversy surrounding the Elementals NFT collection. Warner Music Group partners with Polygon for a music accelerator program, supporting blockchain music projects and dapps. The U.S. Women's Open ArtBall offers an immersive fan engagement experience, combining NFTs with golf. Lastly, discover latest NFT drops like Bialetti's coffee NFTs and Melania Trump's Solana artworks.

Lacoste Launches in Interactive Web3 Gaming “The Mission”

Key Highlights:

  • Lacoste introduces "The Mission" an interactive gaming experience for fans to earn rewards.
  • Completing missions increases UNDW3 card rarity, unlocking better rewards and asset value.
  • Top-ranked player wins an all-expenses-paid Lacoste VIP experience in Paris.

Lacoste, the renowned fashion powerhouse, is revolutionizing the digital landscape by introducing “The Mission”, an interactive gaming experience for fans. The first season of The Mission, running from June 29 to December 2023, offers users the opportunity to complete missions and earn points. Additionally, higher rankings on leaderboards increase the rarity of their UNDW3 cards, unlocking better rewards, utility, and asset value. Moreover, at the end of the season, the top-ranked player will enjoy an all-expenses-paid Lacoste VIP experience in Paris.

In June 2022, Lacoste launched UNDW3, a unique digital asset collection of 11,212 Genesis Pass NFTs, allowing loyal fans to connect with the brand in the Web3 realm. Building on the success of UNDW3, Lacoste has evolved the concept by transforming genesis pass NFTs into UNDW3 Cards, creating a dynamic NFT experience. Furthermore, through The Mission, UNDW3 card holders gain access to the Web3 universe, participating in interactive quests and engaging with the community through UNDW3 social channels. Additionally, Lacoste has also introduced a ranking system to track the Web3 activities of each player.

This foray into Web3 gaming and digital engagement reflects Lacoste's commitment to brand loyalty beyond transactions. Furthermore, the UNDW3 card celebrates a holistic approach to brand engagement, encompassing creativity, conversation, and gaming. By incorporating NFTs and gamification into their loyalty programs, Lacoste aims to transform customers into active community members and reward their participation in co-creation initiatives, gaming experiences, and conversations around the brand.

AzukiDAO Proposes Recovering 20,000 ETH from Founder Amid NFT Controversy

Key Highlights:

  • AzukiDAO proposes reclaiming 20,000 ETH from the founder of Azuki through legal action.
  • The proposal aims to allocate retrieved funds for the growth of the Azuki community.
  • Controversy surrounds Azuki's Elementals NFT collection launch, including limited presale, technical issues, and concerns over dilution of existing NFT value.

AzukiDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization, has put forth a proposal to recover 20,000 ETH from Zagabond, the founder of Azuki, a prominent NFT brand. This proposal, initiated on July 2, suggests engaging a lawyer to legally pursue Zagabond, also known as Alex Xu, for multiple rug pulling incidents. The clawback seeks the return of approximately $39 million worth of ETH earned from the controversial "Elementals" NFT collection launched by Azuki. If successful, the funds will be allocated back to AzukiDAO to foster the growth of the entire Azuki community.

As of now, 88.11% of AzukiDAO (BEAN) tokens have voted in favor of the action. Only 11.9% have opposed it. The voting period is scheduled to end on July 3 at 6:38 am UTC. However, concerns have been raised about the legitimacy of AzukiDAO. Some question the origins of the organization itself and its relationship with the Azuki project.

Moreover, the Azuki Elementals collection, launched on June 27, has been full of controversy. The project faced criticism for a limited presale window, technical issues with website overload, and accusations of lack of originality in the NFT artwork. Also, additional concerns were raised about dilution of value for existing NFT holders due to the release of 20,000 new NFTs. In addition, the controversy escalated when the project team reportedly transferred 20,000 ETH from the wallet soon after the collection was minted.

Polygon and Warner Music Group Partner for Blockchain Music Accelerator Program

Key Highlights:

  • Warner Music Group and Polygon Labs have launched a music accelerator program on the Polygon network.
  • The program supports blockchain music projects and decentralized applications (dapps).
  • Selected projects receive funding, mentorship, and networking opportunities to drive innovation at the intersection of music, technology, and Web3.

Warner Music Group and Polygon Labs have joined forces to introduce a music accelerator program on the Polygon network. The program aims to onboard the next generation of blockchain music projects and decentralized applications (dapps). Interested applicants operating at the intersection of music, technology, and Web3 are encouraged to apply. The ideal projects focus on various areas, including fostering artist-fan communities, establishing decentralized music production and distribution systems, innovating ticketing solutions, exploring music-related merchandise and phygital collectibles, and integrating music with interactive technology and gaming.

Selected projects will receive funding from both WMG and Polygon Labs and benefit from networking opportunities with industry experts from the music and blockchain sectors. The collaboration aims to drive innovation in the music industry. It wants to do it by supporting companies and entrepreneurs operating at the intersection of Web3 and music.

Polygon, a leading Ethereum scaling solution, has been actively partnering with major brands to integrate Web3 technology. Their partnerships include Starbucks, Reddit, and Nike. In April, Polygon teamed up with Mastercard to release free NFTs and launch a Web3 music accelerator program, providing educational tools and mentorship to up-and-coming artists.

Warner Music Group has also been expanding its involvement in the blockchain space. They partnered with blockchain gaming company Splinterlands to develop play-to-earn (P2E) games for their artists and launched a music-focused theme park in The Sandbox Metaverse platform. This collaboration with Polygon continues their journey into the world of Web3 and NFTs.

NFT Tech, USGA, and Pebble Beach Unveil Innovative 2023 U.S. Women's Open ArtBall Experience

Key Highlights:

  • NFT Tech collaborates with USGA and Pebble Beach Company to launch the 2023 US Women's Open ArtBall.
  • The gamified program offers fans dynamic, shot-by-shot generated art linked to designated areas on and around the 17th green at Pebble Beach.
  • Acclaimed artist Amy Goodchild transforms ArtBalls into unique golf ball artwork as NFTs, providing fans with an unprecedented way to "Own the Ball".

NFT Tech, a pioneer in technology-driven solutions for intellectual property, has partnered with the United States Golf Association and Pebble Beach Company to launch an immersive fan engagement experience for the 2023 US Women's Open at Pebble Beach Golf Links. This collaboration represents the convergence of sports and technology, introducing the 2023 US Women's Open ArtBall. It is a gamified program that breaks traditional boundaries by keeping fans connected to the championship.

The 2023 U.S. Women's Open ArtBall combines the rich legacy of the ArtBall with the esteemed history of the U.S. Women's Open and Pebble Beach. Furthermore, by leveraging data and gamification this innovative program highlights player skills while creating an exciting new engagement channel for golf fans.

The fan experience is further enhanced through "Own the Shot", where the artwork visualizes official championship data, showcasing the most memorable shots of the 2023 US Women's Open. Additionally, fans can "Own the Moment" as each ArtBall dynamically updates in real-time, reflecting pivotal moments from the championship as they unfold.

This collaboration aims to revolutionize the golf fan experience by transforming passive spectators into active participants. NFT Tech is excited to bring this concept to life and looks forward to witnessing fans engagement with the championship.

Latest NFT Drops and Partnerships

The intersection of traditional entities with blockchain technology continues to shape the digital landscape in various industries. Let's explore some recent developments in the world of NFTs that highlight this trend.

Bialetti Exploring the World of Coffee NFTs

Bialetti, an iconic coffee brand with a century-long history, embraced the blockchain technology by launching a Web3 loyalty hub. Through "Moka Expressions" NFTs, Bialetti aims to provide coffee lovers with a truly unique opportunity to join a passionate community. These remarkable NFTs capture the essence of coffee rituals and generously offer holders a wide array of exclusive phygital experiences. Bialetti's NFT foray showcases how traditional brands can leverage blockchain to greatly reward their customers and stay ahead of competitors.

Melania Trump New NFT Collection

In the realm of politics, the Trump family has made its mark in the NFT space. Melania Trump, the former First Lady of the United States, has released a set of NFTs called "The 1776 Collection". These Solana-based digital collectibles feature familiar American imagery and are available for purchase on the USA Collectibles website. A portion of the sales will support Fostering the Future, Melania Trump's initiative aimed at helping foster children. The Trumps' involvement in the NFT market showcases the appeal of blockchain-based collectibles and their potential for generating substantial sales.

Candy Digital and Palm Merge Forces

In a significant merger, Candy Digital and Palm NFT Studio have joined forces to create a powerhouse in the NFT industry. Candy Digital is a major rights holder for sports NFTs. It merged with Palm, best known for its DC Comics collectibles and its relationship with Warner Bros Discovery. This consolidation aims to redefine brand experiences, foster loyalty, and connect communities in the digital realm.

Lega Serie A and Launch Exclusive NFT Collection

Finally, the world of football witnessed Lega Serie A, and collaboration. To celebrate the triumphs of the 2022/23 season, the duo has released an exclusive NFT collection. Fans can own unique digital collectibles that commemorate the achievements of Napoli and Inter, two prominent Italian clubs. This limited offering allows fans to engage with the league and relive digitally the highlights of the season.

These recent developments underscore the increasing adoption of blockchain technology across various industries. The integration of traditional entities with blockchain solutions represents a forward-thinking approach, shaping the future of digital ownership.