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NFT DIGEST: Zora Blockchain Solution, $6mil Golden NFT, Yuga Labs Metaverse Powerhouse, Skoda NFT Platform

By Luigi Savarese
Luigi Savarese

6 Min

June 22, 2023

Zora Introducing Layer 2 Blockchain Solution Revolutionizing NFTs

  • Zora Network launches a Layer 2 solution for better scalability and affordability.
  • Over 35 Web3 entities including Sound.XYZ and PleasrDAO came into support

On June 21, Zora Network was launched as a new Layer 2 blockchain solution. This launch marked a monumental stride in providing improved digital infrastructure to artists and brands that have hitherto utilized the Zora platform. What makes Zora Network particularly noteworthy is the enormous support that has garnered from over 35 Web3 entities such as Sound.XYZ, Rainbow Wallet, and PleasrDAO. This backing is pivotal to better serving the platform’s 100,000 monthly active users by unlocking structural advantages for Zora’s platform, and most importantly, ensuring its ability to scale efficiently.

Built on Optimism’s stack, the Zora Network is designed as a more gas-efficient L2 network, and what’s even more impressive is that it’s secured by Ethereum. This essentially means that Zora Network is bound to minimize costs for creators, making it an ideal ground for on-chain media and culture to thrive.

Layer 2 solutions like Zora Network are essentially secondary protocols built on top of an existing blockchain (Layer 1). They significantly increase the speed, efficiency, and scalability of the underlying chain by processing tasks that Layer 1 would normally handle. This considerably reduces workload, increases speed, and cuts down transaction costs. With Zora Network’s seamless integration with the Zora marketplace’s existing infrastructure, there is bound to be a transformative effect on how transactions are handled, making it a game-changer in the Web3 industry.

The Golden Goose: Ringers #879 NFT Fetches $6.2M at Sotheby’s Auction House

  • The Golden Goose: Ringers #879 auctions at Sotheby’s for over $6.2 million.
  • 1,000 uniquely generated NFTs Collection authored by Dmitri Cherniak.

In an exhilarating turn of events, Ringers #879, a creation from Dmitri Cherniak’s ambitious generative art project, fetched a staggering $6.2 million at Sotheby’s Grails: Part II auction. This sale highlights the escalating value and cultural clout that generative art is accruing in the NFT and Web3 realms.

The Ringers collection encompasses 1,000 uniquely generated NFTs authored by Dmitri Cherniak. Each NFT in the collection is distinctly produced through the combination of a transaction hash and Javascript. Ringers #879, colloquially termed "The Goose", is particularly prized for the enigmatic animal form that materializes from the generative process, augmenting its visual allure and scarcity.

This transaction is more than a monetary exchange; it's a proclamation of the cultural resonance of generative art within the Web3 environment. As aficionados and collectors discern the rarity and artistic worth of these pieces, the valuation of generative art NFTs is burgeoning.

Moreover, the astronomical price attained by Ringers #879 has implications for the broader NFT art market, which is in pursuit of dynamism. This sale might catalyze an augmented proclivity among collectors towards pieces that harbor not just monetary but also profound cultural and historic importance.

Germany’s BND Launches NFT Treasure Hunt to Recruit Talent

  • BND employs NFTs treasure hunt to attract cybersecurity professionals.
  • 999 Dog-themed NFTs representing guard and security dogs.

The Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND), Germany's foreign intelligence agency, launches a dog-themed nonfungible token collection to recruit cyber talent. This innovative approach merges the worlds of intelligence and Web3, utilizing an on-chain treasure hunt as an assessment tool for the recruitment process.

Consisting of 999 tokens, the collection represents different guard and security dogs, symbolizing the protective role that cybersecurity professionals will undertake. Interested candidates are challenged to decode character strings embedded in the metadata of the NFTs to uncover Ethereum addresses where the tokens can be minted.

This on-chain treasure hunt is not only a creative way to engage with the community but also serves as a practical test for those aspiring to work in cybersecurity. By participating, individuals can prove their skills in code-cracking, blockchain, and cryptocurrency operations — skills that are invaluable to intelligence agencies.

Moreover, this recruitment method also reflects the BND's recognition of the growing importance of blockchain technology and its applications in various sectors including security.

The BND's approach has garnered international attention. Like the U.S. Secret Service, this is seen as an example of how government agencies can harness the capabilities of blockchain technology for more than just financial transactions. This move is expected to attract tech-savvy individuals who have a keen interest in both cybersecurity and blockchain technology.

Yuga Labs Transforms HV-MTL into a Gamified Metaverse Powerhouse

  • Yuga Labs introduces the HV-MTL Forge for Season One.
  • The Forge facilitates interactive gameplay and evolution for NFT characters.
  • The integration of NFTs into the Metaverse for more immersive experiences.

Yuga Labs has taken the wraps off of the much-anticipated HV-MTL Forge which is set to debut on June 29, 2023, as part of its Season One. This is a landmark development for the HV-MTL NFT collection, that has been making waves in the Web3 ecosystem. The Forge opens up a plethora of interactive gaming opportunities for NFT holders within the Metaverse.

Within HV-MTL Forge, players can engage in building and customizing workshops, enabling their HV characters to undergo evolution. The features are extensive and include building homes in-game, engaging in competitions, and showcasing creations to climb up leaderboards.

The Forge goes even further, introducing a ranked competition system. Players can enter into a friendly competition, vying for votes. Furthermore, by participating, HV-MTL holders can unlock special upgrades, and gear up for grand in-game events.

This foray marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of the HV-MTL ecosystem. The Forge exemplifies how NFTs are transitioning from being mere collectibles to tools for interactive engagement. Yuga Labs is carving a niche in the Web3 sphere with this introduction, possibly paving the way for even more enriched Metaverse experiences where NFTs are integral elements with real-world utilities and values.

Škoda India Enters Web3 with Škodaverse NFT Platform

  • Škoda India breaks into the Web3 ecosystem with Škodaverse India.
  • A collaboration with Near Protocol yields low-cost, green NFTs.

June 20 marked a historical moment as Škoda India, an arm of the Czech automotive powerhouse Škoda Auto, launched Škodaverse India heralding its entry into the Web3 sphere. This NFT platform, developed in conjunction with Near Protocol, signifies a paradigm shift in the automotive sector’s interaction with blockchain technology.

The platform touts several advantages, including minimal gas fees, cross-platform compatibility, and carbon neutrality for NFTs, underscoring Škoda’s dedication to eco-friendliness. These NFTs encapsulate Škoda’s artwork and collectibles and are anchored in sustainable blockchains.

Škodaverse India is not just about collectibles; it also promises unique experiences and utilities for NFT holders which will be revealed in tandem with its first drop. Škoda’s foray into the Web3 world is pathbreaking and showcases how the automotive sector can embrace and incorporate cutting-edge technologies.

This venture not only reflects Škoda India's commitment to sustainability but also represents the creation of novel revenue streams and the fostering of a community fascinated by the confluence of the automotive and blockchain worlds. This initiative might just be the tip of the iceberg in terms of the automotive industry’s ventures into new-age technologies.