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MultiversX Moves: Google Cloud Partnership and Metaverse Scalability

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By Nicolo Finazzi
Nicolo Finazzi

2 Min

October 25, 2023
  • MultiversX CEO discusses Meta and Apple's approaches to the metaverse.
  • The spatial computing approach is seen as more intuitive than the VR focus.
  • Technical upgrades enhance MultiversX's scalability, while a partnership with Google Cloud offers advanced data analytics.

MultiversX Metaverse Vision

MultiversX, a blockchain-based metaverse-focused platform, is strategically positioning itself within the evolving metaverse landscape. The recent developments in the metaverse, involving tech giants like Meta (formerly Facebook) and Apple, have created considerable interest.

MultiversX CEO Beniamin Mincu recently shed light on the differing approaches adopted by Meta and Apple. Meta has heavily emphasized virtual reality (VR) and launched its VR Quest headset. In contrast, Apple has embraced a spatial computing approach, concentrating on augmented reality (AR) and releasing its AR glasses.

Mincu underscores the significance of spatial computing for the metaverse's success. He contends that Apple's approach with its Vision Pro offers a more intuitive experience than Meta's VR Quest headset. While Meta's focus is on a specific virtual world, the metaverse concept is about interactive experiences within a virtual world, necessitating a more versatile approach.

Spatial computing involves capturing, processing, and interacting with 3D data, making it a foundational concept for the metaverse. Aligning with this vision, MultiversX recently introduced technical upgrades aimed at enhancing scalability and functionality.

Partnership with Google Cloud

Furthermore, Google Cloud has entered the Web3 scene through a partnership with MultiversX, fostering data analytics and artificial intelligence tools to support large-scale, data-first blockchain projects. This partnership aims to streamline data access for developers, enabling on-chain analytics and improved insights.

MultiversX's role extends to mainstream partnerships as well, offering unique features and tools for decentralized digital assets and augmented reality experiences, thereby enhancing its position in the metaverse landscape. More specifically, the company has introduced the xWorlds Developer Kit, providing creators with a diverse set of innovative tools for crafting the future of augmented reality experiences by utilizing xPortal as a central hub for wallets and distribution. The kit also features remarkably lifelike 3D avatars driven by artificial intelligence.

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