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How Meta VR Techs are Changing the Way Businesses Operate

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By Luigi Savarese
Luigi Savarese

3 Min

September 28, 2023

Meta held its annual Connect conference on September 27, 2023, announcing several new products and features. The event's highlight was the announcement of the Meta Quest 3 VR headset, which is set to be released in late 2023. Compared to its predecessor, the Quest 3 boasts significant improvements, such as a more advanced processor that delivers better graphics and performance, higher resolution displays, and improved passthrough technology that allows users to see the real world without removing the headset. The Quest 3 is also expected to be more affordable than the previous model, with a starting price of $500. This makes it a more appealing option for businesses investing in VR technology.

In addition to the Quest 3, Meta also announced other new products and features at Connect 2023, such as Ray-Ban smart glasses with a built-in camera and microphone that can be used to make calls, take photos and videos, and listen to music. 

It also announced a host of new AI-powered bots across its messaging apps that can help with tasks such as planning trips, answering questions, and providing customer support.

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Meta VR for Businesses

These new products and features can have a significant impact on businesses. Especially VR has a huge impact on businesses that can use Meta's new products and features for:

  • Training employees: VR can create realistic training simulations to help employees learn new skills and procedures. For example, a retailer could use VR to train employees on stocking shelves or dealing with difficult customers.
  • Providing customer service: VR can give customers an immersive and engaging customer service experience. For example, a hotel could use VR to give customers a virtual tour of their room before they arrive.
  • Marketing products and services: VR can be used to create marketing experiences that allow customers to interact with products and services in a more immersive way. For example, a car company could use VR to allow customers to take a virtual test drive of a new car.
  • Automating tasks: AI-powered bots can automate scheduling appointments, answering customer questions, and generating reports. This can free up employees to focus on more important tasks.
  • Improving customer service: AI-powered bots can improve customer service by providing 24/7 support and answering customer questions more quickly and accurately.
  • Generating leads: AI-powered bots can generate leads by qualifying potential customers and scheduling demos.

Meta's new products and features have the potential to revolutionize the way that businesses operate. By investing in these new technologies, businesses can improve their efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

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