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Meta LLaMA 2 AI

Meta Launches Free Open-Source LLaMA 2 to Challenge ChatGPT

Key Takeaways: Tech giant Meta has taken a significant step into the world of open-source AI by unveiling LLaMA 2, its latest suite of AI models. This move is part of Meta's effort to compete with rivals like OpenAI and expand its presence in the AI space. This is the company's first large language model available for public use, providing researchers with access to […]

By Nicolo Finazzi

What is Threads and is it a Threat to Twitter?

As we know, some social media appear, like BeReal, and some vanish from our eyes, like Tumblr. Some become more popular, like TikTok, and some are considered old-fashioned, like Facebook. Surprisingly, Twitter has managed to sustain its popularity and relevance for a significant period of time. Its minimalist design, centered around short messages, continues to […]

By Anja Prosch
Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic Advertising: Success in 2023 and Beyond

In the dynamic world of digital advertising, programmatic advertising will remain at the forefront in 2023. It has solidified its position as a powerful and widely adopted approach for acquiring and selling ad inventory, leveraging automation and real-time bidding to streamline the process. The allure of programmatic advertising lies in its array of advantages, which […]

By Anja Prosch