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China NFTs Recognition

China & NFTs: A Recognition that Sparks Global Interest

China sets new unprecedented move. The government asserted a definitive position on the legal status of digital collections (NFTs) within the country. On November 10, authorities released a statement outlining three perspectives on categorizing the theft of digital collections. Transitioning to the first perspective, the Chinese government views the theft as either data theft or […]

By Luigi Savarese
NFT Marketplace Yuga Labs Magic Eden Creator Royalties

New NFT Marketplace: Yuga Labs & Magic Eden Lead with Creator Royalties

In an exciting development within the NFT space, Yuga Labs and Magic Eden are collaborating to launch an Ethereum-based NFT marketplace. With it, they are making extraordinary commitment: enforcing creator royalties. The Magic Eden Ethereum marketplace will likely debut before year-end. Also, this is poised to become the first major Ethereum marketplace that legally obligates […]

By Nicolo Finazzi
NFT Artist Ryder Ripps Yuga Labs BAYC

NFT Artist Ryder Ripps Ordered to Pay $1.5M in Yuga Labs Case

In a significant ruling for the NFT space, artist Ryder Ripps and his associate Jeremy Cahen have been ordered to pay $1.5 million in damages to Yuga Labs. The long-standing legal dispute centered on Ripps' NFT collection, RR/BAYC, which bore a striking resemblance to Yuga Labs' Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFTs. To date, this […]

By Nicolo Finazzi
Singapore court soulbound NFT

Singapore Soulbound NFT Solution for Hacked Wallets

The Power of NFTs Unleashed The Singapore High Court has made an unprecedented decision. It will allow a financial investigation firm named Intelligent Sanctuary (iSanctuary) to attach non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to the cold wallets connected to a cryptocurrency hack. This new approach is a major step forward in the fight against crypto crimes. This turns […]

By Luigi Savarese
Cristiano Ronaldo NFT Binance CR7 ForeverZone

Cristiano Ronaldo & Binance Launch New NFT Collection "CR7 ForeverZone"

Cristiano Ronaldo, in collaboration with Binance, has unveiled the CR7 ForeverZone NFT collection, marking the third phase of their successful partnership. This initiative aims to bridge the gap between the legendary footballer and his fans, offering many exciting prizes and experiences. Enthusiasts can participate by claiming one of the 50,000 CR7 ForeverZone Boxes. These limited-edition […]

By Nicolo Finazzi

How PayPal's NFT Marketplace Can Impact Businesses in Web3

PayPal's planned launch of an NFT marketplace is a major development for the Web3 space. PayPal is one of the world's largest payment processors, and its entry into the NFT market could help to make NFTs more accessible to a wider range of people. This article will explore the potential implications of PayPal's NFT marketplace […]

By Luigi Savarese
adidas moncler nft

Adidas & Moncler Shaping the Future of Fashion with AI and NFT

Renowned brands Adidas and Moncler converged fashion, artificial intelligence (AI), and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) to create an immersive and captivating customer experience. This unique collaboration, a glance into the potential of Web3 and crypto, has the potential to revolutionize the fashion industry and redefine the way consumers engage with brands. The intersection of fashion and […]

By Luigi Savarese
creating and selling your nft

Creating and Selling NFTs: A Step-by-Step Tutorial by LAB51

In the rapidly evolving world of blockchain technology and digital assets, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have taken center stage. NFTs have opened up exciting opportunities for creators, collectors, and investors. If you're eager to enter the world of NFTs and acquire your first unique digital asset, this step-by-step tutorial will guide you through the process of creating and […]

By Luigi Savarese
Ultimate guide to NFT

The Ultimate Guide to NFTs: What, Why, and How

In the rapidly evolving landscape of Web3 and cryptocurrency, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have emerged as a transformative force. These unique digital assets are gaining traction among European professionals seeking new avenues for investment and creativity. This comprehensive guide will delve into the What, Why, and How of NFTs, providing a solid understanding of this groundbreaking […]

By Luigi Savarese
businesses investing in NFT

Are NFTs A Good Investment for Businesses?

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have been all the rage in recent years, with businesses of all sizes jumping on the bandwagon. But with the recent news that 95% of NFT collections have a market cap of zero Ether, it is worth asking: are NFTs a good investment for businesses? What are NFTs? NFTs are digital assets […]

By Luigi Savarese
solana nft

Solana Compressed NFTs: a Cost-Effective Solution for Businesses

Magic Eden is now supporting Solana's compressed NFTs (cNFTs). This new kind of Solana NFT offers a cost-effective and scalable alternative to traditional NFTs, making them ideal for businesses looking to create and sell NFTs at scale. What are cNFTs? cNFTs are a new type of NFT that uses data compression to reduce the cost […]

By Luigi Savarese
adidas NFT

Adidas Residency: Brands Using Art in the Web3

Adidas dives deeper into the Web3 world with its innovative art residency initiative, aptly named Residency by Adidas. The program is a facet of the Three Stripes Studio unveiled earlier this year. It aims to nurture Web3 artists and facilitate the creation of artist-rendered digital products and NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). Adidas aims to collaborate with a diverse pool of […]

By Luigi Savarese
NFT Fest Lugano

NFT Fest Lugano: A Glimpse into the Future of Blockchain and NFTs

On September 7th, NFT Fest Lugano took place, a five-day event all about Blockchain, NFTs, Web3, Crypto, and the Metaverse. The event featured many international experts, thought-provoking discussions, gaming rooms, and interesting new projects. I had the privilege of being present, which enabled me to convey the event's insights in this article. When I arrived, the outside […]

By Nicolo Finazzi
Lufthansa NFT

Lufthansa NFT & the Evolution of Airline Membership Programs

Lufthansa NFT Program is live on the Polygon Network. The Uptrip program allows passengers to turn their travel experiences into redeemable NFTs or rewards. They can be either miles or business lounge vouchers. To participate in the program, passengers scan their boarding passes using the Uptrip mobile app and exchange them for NFT trading cards. […]

By Luigi Savarese
Trump NFT Democracy

The Trump NFT Craze: A Sign of Support or Profiteering?

The value of Trump NFT increased significantly after his mugshot was made public on August 24, 2023. In the photo, Trump looks angry as he submits to authorities in Georgia, making it the first time a current or former U.S. president's mugshot has gone viral due to criminal charges. This sudden rise in popularity of […]

By Luigi Savarese

Rarible to Cease Aggregating Orders Amid Royalty Debate

NFT aggregator Rarible announced yesterday that it will discontinue aggregating orders from NFT marketplaces OpenSea, LooksRare, and X2Y2 by September 30th. The move comes in response to OpenSea's decision last week to make NFT creator royalties optional for new collections from September. Rarible is a major vocal supporter of creator royalties. The company argued that […]

By Luigi Savarese
opensea royalty

The NFT Royalty Debate: A Critical Opinion

The topic of NFT royalty is highly debated in the NFT space. Some people believe that creators should receive compensation for the secondary sales of their NFTs, regardless of who owns them. Others believe that creators should only receive compensation for the initial sale of their NFTs and that any subsequent sales should be royalty-free. […]

By Luigi Savarese
making money

The Art of Making Money: Memecoin Economy Examination

In the expansive and diverse Web3 universe, a new phenomenon has caught the public eye. Rhett Mankind is a digital artist based in Melbourne. He struck a rich vein with his daring blend of art and finance - TurboToad, a memecoin. This venture provides a captivating example that allows us to scrutinize the flourishing memecoin […]

By Luigi Savarese
Sotheby's BAYC

Sotheby's Sued for Misleading Marketing of BAYC NFTs

A group of collectors is suing Sotheby's for allegedly misleading investors about the value of Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFTs. The lawsuit, which was filed in California on August 4, accuses Sotheby's of colluding with Yuga Labs, the creator of BAYC, to artificially inflate the value of the NFTs. According to the lawsuit, Sotheby's […]

By Luigi Savarese
FC Barcelona NFT Barca Vision

FC Barcelona Secures $132M for Web3 and NFT Venture

Spanish football powerhouse FC Barcelona has taken a significant step towards its digital future by securing a substantial investment of 120 million euros ($132 million) for its Web3 initiative, Barça Vision. Libero Football Finance AG and Nipa Capital B.V. are the financial backers behind the endeavor. Specifically, the funding was realized through FC Barcelona's sale […]

By Nicolo Finazzi
amazon nft

Amazon Prime NFT and In-Game Currency for Mojo Melee

Amazon Prime NFT is a true thing! The Seattle-based company is partnering with the NFT game Mojo Melee to give away free NFTs and in-game currency to Prime subscribers. The first offering, available now via the Amazon Prime Gaming portal, is a free package. It includes an NFT for champion character Gwyn Rockhopper as well […]

By Luigi Savarese
Hyundai Metaverse

Hyundai and Kia Use Blockchain to Monitor CO2 Emissions

Hyundai Motor Company and Kia Corporation announced the launch of an AI blockchain-based system to monitor carbon emissions. The system, called Supplier CO2 Emission Monitoring System (SCEMS), aims to help the two automakers track and reduce emissions from their supply chains. SCEMS uses blockchain technology to record carbon emissions data in a secure and transparent […]

By Luigi Savarese
Gucci NFT

Gucci Rewards Vault Material NFT Holders with Physical Goods

Luxury brand Gucci announced that holders of its Vault Material NFTs can now exchange them for physical goods. The Gucci NFT Collection, minted in March, can now be redeemed for a Gucci bifold wallet or a Gucci x 10KTF co-branded duffle bag. The announcement comes as luxury brands increasingly experiment with Web3 technologies. In fact, […]

By Luigi Savarese
Barbie Bitcoin

Barbie Margot Robbie Bitcoin Jokes Amid Mattel NFTs Commitment

Barbie actress Margot Robbie recently made headlines. It was not just for the latest movie! She joked that Bitcoin is for "Kens". It was a reference to the stereotypically male character played by Ryan Gosling in the film. However, Robbie's comments seem to be at odds with the views of her employer, Mattel. The company […]

By Luigi Savarese
Binance NFT AI generator

Binance AI NFT Generator for Mainstream Artworks Creation

Binance launched an AI-powered NFT generator that allows users to create custom artworks using artificial intelligence. The tool, dubbed "Bixel," is now permanently available for Binance NFT users who have completed the platform's know your customer (KYC) identity verification process. To use Bixel, users must provide basic details about their desired artwork, such as the style, genre, and color palette. The […]

By Luigi Savarese
OpenSea's 'Deals' Facilitate NFT Swaps

'Deals' to Facilitate Peer-to-Peer OpenSea NFT Swaps

NFT marketplace OpenSea introduced Deals, a new feature allowing users to swap NFTs directly. OpenSea's native NFT protocol Seaport powers the new feature. It aims to make NFT swapping more trustworthy and secure. With Deals, users can offer to swap up to 30 NFTs, or they can add wrapped ether (WETH) to sweeten the deal. The recipient of the deal can […]

By Luigi Savarese
Starry Night NFTs

Spanish National Museum to Mint Van Gogh NFTs

The digital space is rapidly becoming a new frontier for art collecting. Olyverse is leading the way with the launch of an exclusive collection of Van Gogh NFTs. The collection features high-definition NFTs of some of Van Gogh's most famous paintings. Moreover, it is minted in collaboration with the Spanish National Museum Thyssen-Bornemisza in Madrid. […]

By Luigi Savarese

New Google Policy Embraces NFTs. Apple Holds Firm

Key Takeaways NFT Google Policy had a major update. As recently announced, apps and games on Play Store can now integrate digital assets like NFTs. This is a significant shift for the company, which has historically taken a cautious stance on blockchain-based technology. Google Policy Key Points Google's new policy requires that apps be transparent […]

By Luigi Savarese
7 eleven NFT News Slurpee

NFT News: 7-Eleven, Starbucks, Collateral & Wimbledon

NFT Weekly News: 7-Eleven launches free Slurpee NFTs on Polygon, targeting younger consumers interested in Web3. Starbucks Odyssey partners with Aku NFT Collection, offering a new digital collectible Stamp and donating to charity. DeFi borrower uses luxury watch-backed NFT as collateral for a loan facilitated by the 4K Protocol. Ethereum's price rises, but NFT transactions […]

By Luigi Savarese

NFT NEWS: Lacoste, AzukiDAO, Warner Music & NFT Drops

In today's NFT News edition Lacoste's launches an interactive gaming experience "The Mission," where fans can earn rewards and unlock better assets. AzukiDAO proposes legal action to recover ETH from the founder amid controversy surrounding the Elementals NFT collection. Warner Music Group partners with Polygon for a music accelerator program, supporting blockchain music projects and […]

By Luigi Savarese

NFT DIGEST: Azuki, Sotheby's, FC Barcelona & Ronaldo's Drops

In an exhilarating week of NFT drops, Azuki unleashed 20,000 Elementals NFTs via Dutch auction, marking a monumental expansion in the NFT space. Simultaneously, Sotheby's pioneering Dutch auction celebrated Vera Molnár through crypto artworks drops, pushing further the generative art landscape. FC Barcelona and World of Women scored big with their 'Empowerment' NFT collection, another […]

By Luigi Savarese

NFT DIGEST: Zora Blockchain Solution, $6mil Golden NFT, Yuga Labs Metaverse Powerhouse, Skoda NFT Platform

Zora Introducing Layer 2 Blockchain Solution Revolutionizing NFTs On June 21, Zora Network was launched as a new Layer 2 blockchain solution. This launch marked a monumental stride in providing improved digital infrastructure to artists and brands that have hitherto utilized the Zora platform. What makes Zora Network particularly noteworthy is the enormous support that […]

By Luigi Savarese

NFT Digest: Puma Goes Phygital, Adidas' Campus 00s Sneakers, Snoop Dogg's Passport, Kraken NFT Collection

🚀 PUMA's Goes Phygital: Unveiling Black Station 2 and Fast-RB! Key Highlights PUMA, the renowned sportswear company, recently unveiled Black Station 2, a sophisticated Metaverse platform that synthesizes the digital and physical worlds, redefining the landscape of retail and consumer engagement. Black Station 2 features two immersive worlds, Unkai and Unter, each offering a distinctive […]

By Luigi Savarese
Louis Vuitton

Via Treasure Trunks: Louis Vuitton’s Phygital New NFT Adventure

Louis Vuitton is back in the NFT scene with a stunning new collection that will make you drool. The French luxury fashion house, which first experimented with NFTs two years ago, has unveiled its Via Treasure Trunks project. These are ‘phygital’ NFTs that are linked to physical travel trunks and offer exclusive access to future […]

By Eleni Murru

NFT DIGEST: Louis Vuitton NFT, Warner Bros. Superman NFT, Puma NFT Sneaker

Louis Vuitton’s Bridges Real & Digital Worlds with Via Treasure Trunks SBTs Key Takeaways: The iconic French luxury fashion house, Louis Vuitton, has entered the burgeoning world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with its Via Treasure Trunks collection. Each NFT, priced at approximately $42,000, is physical-backed and termed a “soulbound token”, emphasizing its non-transferable nature. The […]

By Luigi Savarese
NFT DIGEST: Magic Eden New Strategy, Ethereum NFTs on Bitcoin, Binance Introducing Crypto Loans, F1 to Use NFT Tickets, Starbucks NFT Airdrop

NFT DIGEST: Magic Eden New Strategy, Ethereum NFTs on Bitcoin, Binance Introducing Crypto Loans, F1 to Use NFT Tickets, Starbucks NFT Airdrop

Magic Eden to Pay You for Trading Solana NFTs Key Highlights: Multichain NFT marketplace, Magic Eden, is reshaping its focus towards Solana, its original base, through an initiative termed "Chapter II." This movement includes facilitating users with free SOL tokens for buying and selling NFTs. As part of this initiative, Magic Eden is expanding its platform by aggregating listings […]

By Luigi Savarese
Art Blocks

Art Blocks Introduces its Custom NFT Marketplace

If you're interested in NFTs, you may already be familiar with Art Blocks. It's an Ethereum-based platform that offers unique and programmable generative art NFTs for collectors to invest in. A distinctive feature of Art Blocks is the generative mining technology, which allows each product to appear individually and randomly. Since its launch in November […]

By Eleni Murru
NFT Cross-Chain Transactions Experience

NFT DIGEST: NFTrade’s New Feature, Sorare Adapts to French Laws, Bitcoin Ordinals Momentum, Sotheby's NFT Auction, StepN Integrates Apple Pay

NFTrade's Innovative Cross-Chain Purchases NFTrade, an innovative Nonfungible token marketplace, is redefining the boundaries of Web3 with its new feature allowing cross-chain purchases.  This breakthrough, developed in collaboration with Rarimo, allows users to purchase NFTs on one network while paying through another, offering unprecedented flexibility in transactions. The process, entirely decentralized, supports Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, and BNB Chain, and ensures security by never taking custody […]

By Luigi Savarese
LAB51_Feat Image_Wave mint strategy for nft launches

Introducing the Wave Mint Strategy for NFT Launches

The key to a successful NFT project is attracting the right people. This is where the minting process – the process by which tokens are initially allocated – comes into play. But how do you ensure that your mint is user-friendly, secure, and engaging? 1337 Skulls' fresh strategy entices NFT holders from various communities to […]

By Anja Prosch
Bitcoin Frogs Ordinals NFT Blockchain

NFT DIGEST: Bitcoin Frogs, Secret Services Join Web3, China’s New Guidelines, Moonbirds and Spotify Collab, NFTs in Finance

Bitcoin Frogs Leap Over Bored Apes in NFT Trading Bitcoin Frogs, a collection of 10,000 unique frog collectibles minted directly on the Bitcoin Blockchain, have jumped over the competition, surpassing Bored Ape Yacht Club as the most traded NFT collection in the last 24 hours. This milestone represents a groundbreaking moment for the Ordinals market, highlighting its growing popularity. […]

By Luigi Savarese
Our Force 1

Unbox the Unexpected: Nike’s “Our Force 1 Series”

Nike is making waves in the digital world by launching its first digital sneaker collection: the Our Force 1 (OF1) Series. These aren’t your traditional shoes! They are virtual creations that exist solely in the digital realm. Nike’s foray into the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is an exciting development that showcases the potential benefits […]

By Eleni Murru
LAB51 Featured Image_Reddit Gen 3 NFTs Digital Collectibles

Reddit's Gen 3 NFTs: Digital Collectibles Revolution

The highly anticipated third generation of Reddit NFTs was launched on April 10th. Last year, The social media platform announced its first NFTs, the Reddit avatars, which sold out in no time. These unique digital collectibles allow collectors to showcase their online identities on the platform. But here's an interesting twist — Reddit refers to […]

By Eleni Murru
NFT DIGEST: King Charles NFTs, Binance Adds BTC NFTs, Barbie Virtual Collectibles, OpenSea Insider Trading

NFT DIGEST: King Charles NFTs, Binance Adds BTC NFTs, Barbie Virtual Collectibles, OpenSea Insider Trading

Evening Standard Unveils Exclusive NFT Collection for King Charles III's Coronation  "The Oath" collection, a collaboration between the Evening Standard newspaper and artist Trevor Jones, pays homage to King Charles III and Queen Camilla's coronation through Ethereum-based NFTs. This limited collection serves as a bridge between tradition and modernity, combining historical moments with artistic expression […]

By Anja Prosch
LAB51_Feat Image_Canon Ventures into the World of Photography NFTs with Cadabra Marketplace

Canon Ventures into the World of Photography NFTs with Cadabra Marketplace

Photography enthusiasts have something new to look forward to with Canon’s latest venture into the world of NFTs. At the annual NFT.NYC event, the camera maker recently announced the development of Cadabra, a new digital marketplace specifically curated for photography NFTs. The photo NFTs market hasn’t gotten as much hype as other types of NFTs, […]

By Eleni Murru
From Courtrooms to Crypto: The Rise of Blockchain in the Legal System

From Courtrooms to Crypto: The Rise of Blockchain in the Legal System

Is blockchain technology truly reliable or just overhyped? How can Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collectors expand the use of this technology in innovative ways? And with the rising popularity of cryptocurrency as an investment asset, what are its legal implications and challenges? These are just some pressing issues that have come to the forefront of courts’ […]

By Anja Prosch
LAB51_First Case in Court

First Case NFT in the Court

NFTs are all the rage these days, but new problems come with new tech. The legal landscape surrounding NFTs is still a bit of a wild west, leaving users unsure how to navigate it. And where there's confusion, scammers are sure to follow. So buckle up because the ride with NFTs will undoubtedly be bumpy until […]

By Anja Prosch
LAB51 Featured Image On-Chain NFT Marketplace


OPENSEA PROCESSES OVER HALF OF ETHEREUM NFT TRADES, BUT RIVALS BLUR AND TENSOR ROAR IN TOTAL VOLUME OpenSea is once again handling over half of all Ethereum NFT trades, processing around 10,400 Ethereum trades per day over the past week. However, Blur still dominates in total weekly volume with over $100 million and a 60% share of the Ethereum […]

By Luigi Savarese
LAB51 Feat Image_NFTGaming

Cracking the Vault: Unlocking the Full Potential of NFT Gaming

Are you a gamer who's interested in cryptocurrency? Then you should definitely check out NFT games. In the past, gaming was just a hobby, but with blockchain and NFTs, players can now not only have fun but also earn money, showcase their creativity, and even have a say in developing the game through DAO communities. […]

By Eleni Murru
LAB51 Feat Image_Blend Blur Blending

Blend: The New Peer-to-Peer Lending Protocol

On May 1, Blur, a popular NFT marketplace, announced the launch of Blend (short for Blur Lending)- a lending protocol that enables peer-to-peer lending of NFT collateral. Developed in partnership with VC firm Paradigm, Blend aims to “financialize to scale” and stand out from other lending protocols by not relying on external oracles and having […]

By Eleni Murru
LAB51 Feat Image_Trial NFT Court Case

Trial Set for First-Ever Case of Insider Trading Involving NFTs

According to Blockchain News, Nathaniel Chastain, a former OpenSea employee, faced two counts of wire fraud and money laundering in a case that had its first jury hearing on April 24th, 2023, in the Southern District Court of New York. The allegations against Chastain, filed by the U.S. Manhattan Attorney's Office on May 31st, 2022, […]

By Dolma Memmishofer
LAB51_Feat Image_NFT Collection

Dynamic NFTs: Features and Use Cases

The rise in popularity of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) has led to a growing number of use cases and functions. Besides static NFTs, there is a new category of NFT: dynamic NFTs or also known as DNFTs. DNFTSs are generating discussions, and it seems to have great potential to create new possibilities for digital assets. Let's […]

By Eleni Murru
Burger nft

Web3 Loyalty Programs: Revolutionizing Customer Engagement with NFTs

In the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, brands are constantly seeking innovative ways to engage with their customers. The emergence of Web3 and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) has opened up a new realm of possibilities for companies looking to create unique experiences and foster customer loyalty. Here, we explore a variety of Web3 loyalty programs that […]

By Anja Prosch
Safety rules in the NFT world

Safety rules in the NFT world

Initially, NFT was designed with exclusively good intentions. Non-fungible tokens were supposed to help artists monetize and sell their artworks without a buying agent. And if initially, NFT seemed to be a new step in the development of digital art, today, unfortunately, the NFT phenomenon is increasingly being associated with a “bubble”. The unpleasant truth […]

By Anja Prosch

The Future of Smart Contracts  

As Mark E. Forster, Chairman of IAB Metaverse and Adello founder, during the panel discussion about the metaverse from the law perspective, mentioned:  “The legal frames follow the technical possibilities with a delay of a couple of years.”  Indeed, Web3, in general, is an absolutely new field that was almost untouched by government law. Nevertheless, contentious issues […]

By Anja Prosch
Getting Ready to Sell your First NFT as a Business

Getting Ready to Sell your First NFT as a Business

Since NFT became quite popular, many brands have considered the idea of creating and selling NFT. And yet today, we see different companies, such as McDonald’s, Gucci, Coca-Cola, Adidas, Dolce & Gabbana, and even many other small startups, have already launched their tokens. “And if they could, why can’t we?” – would entrepreneurs who want […]

By Anja Prosch
Digital fashion

Behind the Scenes of the Digital Fashion

“Digital fashion” - that sounds futuristic yet already exists! Digital clothes aren’t made from tangible material, instead they are created by using computer graphics and 3D technologies. Hence, those clothes don’t have a physical presence and cannot be worn in real life. Digital outfits are designed for the virtual environment, meta-world, and computer games. Nevertheless, […]

By Anja Prosch