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Audi Drives Ahead: AI Boosts Quality and Efficiency

Audi is increasingly applying artificial intelligence to the production of its vehicles. According to the Four Rings brand, AI will now help with quality control. Specifically, the project involves the analysis of spot welds in the bodywork. A delicate process that must be performed with the utmost care to avoid endangering the conditions of both […]

By Eleni Murru

Inspiration for Your Personalization From Zero To Hero

In today’s customer-centric world, making your customers feel seen, understood, and valued is the ultimate goal. And the secret sauce? Tailoring your offerings to their interests, preferences, and past behaviors. When brands take this approach, the results are simply magical – increased engagement, loyalty, satisfaction, and trust. It’s a win-win situation! Benefits of personalization Let’s […]

By Anja Prosch
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From Idea to Reality: Burger King's AI-generated Creative Combos

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in advertising campaigns is becoming more prevalent among companies, and Burger King is no exception. In recent weeks, Burger King has demonstrated a strong commitment to this field and has leveraged AI technology to the fullest extent. Specifically, Burger King Germany enlisted the help of Midjourney, one of the […]

By Eleni Murru