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BeNFT: AI education and rewards empowering global students

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By Dolma Memmishofer
Dolma Memmishofer

2 Min

April 18, 2023

Last week, the Tech Times reported on BeNFT, the ultimate virtual learning environment that combines blockchain technology and AI avatars. BeNFT's goal is to foster global collaboration in education, where students worldwide can share knowledge, exchange ideas, and work together towards a brighter future. Via the platform, they aim to revolutionize education, making it more inclusive, engaging, and empowering by offering groundbreaking AI features.

BeNFT is a platform that combines AI-based e-learning, trading AI, and DeFi functionalities with blockchain technology. The BeNFT AI-Trading program enables effortless passive income generation by conducting low-risk trades on behalf of users who lock in their funds for a specific duration. It is an excellent option for busy people seeking to maximize their profits.

Furthermore, BeNFT is an NFT marketplace and launchpad on the Binance Smart Chain, catering to both experienced and novice collectors.

Though one of the most exciting features of BeNFT is its e-learning metaverse, which integrates, apart from AI and blockchain technology, university partnerships to provide a unique and advanced learning experience. The E-learning metaverse offers a wide array of courses and tutorials spanning programming, web development, business, and finance.

The use of AI-generated tutors and lecturers is hereby particularly exciting. Learners will be able to receive personalized attention and feedback, which will help them to stay motivated and engaged throughout the learning process. Additionally, the use of evolutionary NFTs to track individual progress is an innovative way to measure a learner's progress and ensure that they are meeting their learning objectives.

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BeNFT, Select your Teacher's Avatar

The AI scalping bot generates revenue to fund the ecosystem and supports the financially sustainable Learn & Earn platform. The DeFi functions include, among other things, course enrollment, public $BeAI pool access, exclusive NFT collections, and a non-profit organization that supports community causes. The platform is secure and trusted by more than 500 wallets. 

BeNFT's integration of blockchain technology and AI avatars has the potential to revolutionize the way people learn. With its e-learning metaverse and AI-generated tutors, BeNFT offers a personalized and interactive learning experience that is both fun and effective. However, one should always keep in mind the accuracy and reliability of the information provided by AI, as AI-generated content on this scale is fairly new.