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Barbie Margot Robbie Bitcoin Jokes Amid Mattel NFTs Commitment

Barbie Bitcoin
By Luigi Savarese
Luigi Savarese

2 Min

August 2, 2023

Barbie actress Margot Robbie recently made headlines. It was not just for the latest movie! She joked that Bitcoin is for "Kens". It was a reference to the stereotypically male character played by Ryan Gosling in the film. However, Robbie's comments seem to be at odds with the views of her employer, Mattel. The company has been a vocal supporter of blockchain technology and NFTs since its early stage.

Mattel released a number of NFTs based on its Barbie and Hot Wheels brands. Moreover, the company said that it plans to expand its NFT offerings to other properties in the future. In addition, Mattel launched a marketplace on the Flow blockchain where users can buy and sell Mattel NFTs.

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LAB51 Further Thoughts on Mattel's Strategy

Mattel's recent embrace of Web3 had mixed reactions. Some praised the company for its willingness to embrace new technologies. Instead, others criticized the company for its focus on profit.

However, Margot Robbie's comments about Bitcoin seem clear that hers was a way of highlighting the gendered nature of the cryptocurrency space. While Bitcoin is often seen as a "man's investment", Robbie's comments suggest that this is not necessarily the case.

We shall see whether Mattel's mixed signals on Web3 will have a negative impact on the company's reputation. However, the company's commitment to blockchain technology suggests that it sees NFTs as a key part of its future. Only time will tell whether Mattel's gamble on Web3 will pay off. For now, the company is on the right track by experimenting with new technologies and trying to stay ahead of the curve.